Thursday, 1 October 2015

travel colour palette | Florianópolis

december 2003 | Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. 
for the first post of this series i choose a  picture from a trip to Brazil, which has taught me to love travelling. the seventeen years old Silvia who's posing behind a bar counter in Floripa, the windy and beautiful capital city of the state of Santa Catarina, had no experience of travels.
at the sudden clash against another culture,  my mind just clicked. that was it. a passion of a lifetime.

where was your first trip ever to?

this post belongs to the travel colour palette series. to read the introduction to the series, click here


  1. wow its a great series. <3
    i am looking forward for more.
    {my first trip was to dubai for work but my first holiday trip was to sri-lanka which was combined with work}

    1. sri lanka must be very colorful :)
      thank you Pratiksha ❤

  2. Cute! I love that you included the watermelon, lol!! ^_^

  3. Love that series! My first trip ever was visiting a pen pal (does this word even still exist ;) in London - since then I have the travel bug :)

    1. thank you Nancy!
      pen pals still exist and i love the whole exchanging snail mail thing, even if i'm the worst at doing it


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