Thursday, 15 October 2015

travel colour palette | London

a London themed watercolor illustration 

London is so far one of the cities i like the most. i've been there a few times, but the last one was in 2009. since then, i have been willing to visit again anytime, but for a reason or another i've never did. yet.
i was browsing through my photographs looking for a suitable picture for the travel colour palette series. i've found some funny and some very bad ones, but no one whose colours were inspiring to me.

the thing is, i already got on my mind the colours which in my opinion represent London the most. red and blue, of course. the black of cabs and coats and hats. the sand colour of the limestone used to build the exterior of Westminster Palace and the Big Ben, the grey of the sky, of the pigeons, of the smoke. these are London's colours! i don't have any London pictures featuring them, so i made one :)

that's a sneak peek of some new illustrations for Ink Your Travel i'm working on. we're going to launch some new stuff i'm pretty excited about, and i'd love to know what you think! 

a pretty house | Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace | today: drinking tea and thinking of London 

this post belongs to the travel colour palette series. to read the introduction to the series, click here


  1. Great colour palette for London - especially the sand one. In my mind London looks always yellowish-brownish-white, I think that's what sand represents :)

    Oh, and I love this corgi illustration!!! <3

    1. thank you Nancy ♥
      yeah, that shade of "sand" was exactly what i had in mind :)

  2. La bellezza ♥♥♥
    E poi è Londra, ahhh (sospiro).

  3. Love your cute drawings! they look lovely. Wish I could draw :) and yes, london definitely reminds to red, yellow and black

  4. <3 i hope to visit london someday!

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