Monday, 16 November 2015

analogue walk in Belluno. October, Saturday 11th

if you've enjoyed the little guide of Belluno, here's some other film photos i took the same day, after a cool lambretta ride, during our explorative walk with Valentina.

wish you a great week  

graffiti | Belluno | fujicolor 200

Friday, 13 November 2015

how we celebrated the Redentore in Venice on a sail boat: the video!

do you remeber when i told you about the weekend we spent sailing in Venice?
it has been an amazing experience we had the chance to to thanks to Antlos, a brand new start up that was filming a web series in the Mediterranean sea and asked us to play a little part in it.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Belluno | a little guide

i felt it was about time to write some more practical posts about this little corner of Italy where we live in. i didn't want them to be too dry and schematic, i want them to have the same amount of inspirational stuff and charm that a regular post of this blog has. we asked a friend to be our local guide for one day and we had fun playing the tourists, listening, taking pictures and sketching.

the result is this little guide to Belluno, completely i diari della lambretta style: there are insiders tips, illustrations, film photos and some reasons to fall in love with the town. enjoy!

ponte della vittoria {victory bridge} and a look to the city centre | fujicolor 200

Thursday, 5 November 2015

travel colour palette | Roma

one of the -many- reasons that make me feel extremely lucky is that had the chance to study and live in two of the most beautiful cities of Italy (and the world): Venice and Rome.
as i've told you before, i had my bachelor and master degree in Venice. then, i attended a post graduated course in Rome.

i've lived there for four months, in 2012. during that time, i had photography classes, i learned how to use properly my almost new {graduation present from my grandma} DSLR, and i bought my nikon EM film camera. it was the beginning of this little blog, too.
i took a lot of pictures in Rome. most of them are mere exercises, but i loved to take a look at them today, browsing for one suitable image for the palette.
travel colour palette | Roma

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