Thursday, 12 November 2015

travel colour palette | Bangkok

travel colour palette | Bangkok
i visited Bangkok travelling from Tokyo, and the huge differences between the two cities shocked me. they are poles apart. i was still in Asia, but it felt like another dimension.
i cannot say i loved Bangkok. i'm glad i went there, that's for sure. it's a colorful chaos.

i visited the city by myself. 
i wandered, i got lost, i ate super spicy food and tons of fresh fruits. i still dream about thai massages. the colours that stuck in my mind are the shimmering tones of Wat Pho.
gold, red, blue, teal, yellow

from my memory album: Bangkok, 2010 

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  1. bangkok is vibrant and completely different from Japan. I went there few years ago and had thai massage as well. :) But honestly i didn't like it much. It was very touristy.

    1. i feel relieved not being the only only who didn't appreciate the city that much!

    2. I think, that you can avoid tourist routes and made your "own Bangkok". There are a lot of interesting places and it's perfect for food tourism(try Wang Lang market). When you are first time in Thailand - try to book tickets, hotel and taxi in advance, you can save your nerves and money this way. I recommend you for taxi.


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