Thursday, 5 November 2015

travel colour palette | Roma

one of the -many- reasons that make me feel extremely lucky is that had the chance to study and live in two of the most beautiful cities of Italy (and the world): Venice and Rome.
as i've told you before, i had my bachelor and master degree in Venice. then, i attended a post graduated course in Rome.

i've lived there for four months, in 2012. during that time, i had photography classes, i learned how to use properly my almost new {graduation present from my grandma} DSLR, and i bought my nikon EM film camera. it was the beginning of this little blog, too.
i took a lot of pictures in Rome. most of them are mere exercises, but i loved to take a look at them today, browsing for one suitable image for the palette.
travel colour palette | Roma

this picture was taken in a residential neighborhood called Garbatella. today, looking at my photographs, i remember how peculiar it is. i took dozens of pictures there, maybe i'll show them to you, someday. "A.S. Roma" is the city's football team, and, judging by the amount of themed graffiti on the walls, the core of the supporters seems to be in Garbatella.

after the end of my course, i've never visited Rome again, so i'm very thrilled about the train ticket that is waiting for me and is going to take me there at the end of november! :)

where will you go on your next trip?

 left: me - i can't recall the exact location, maybe Trastevere?  | right: Marco in Monti district
nikon EM + lomography redscale film 

this post belongs to the travel colour palette series. to read the introduction to the series, click here


  1. Ah and I shall enjoy the pics of Rome like I went there myself :)
    My travels are not overseas but I'm thankful to be travelling very soon to my birthplace.

    1. even the shortest field trip sound nice to me :)

  2. you lived in rome and venice... what a dream!
    oh one day i want to visit italy <3
    and for next travel i must earn some money first :)

  3. Thanks for your blog, Silvia.
    Just jump in train and come to Rome, maybe it missed for you. Once me and my friends should be in Rome in few hours, and took taxi from Milan. It was wonderful travel althought that was pretty expensive via


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