Thursday, 7 January 2016

travel colour palette | pretty doors & windows of Tallinn

my crush on pretty doors is not secret. i've even got a t-shirt dedicated to them {the #teamporticine tee i created with Irene for our brand Ink Your Travel}. at least i'm not alone in this {beyond Irene, the two pretty doors addicted who come to my mind first are Manuela and Roberta!} so i can share this little collection proud to be in such good company.

Tallinn is the pretty doors heaven. all of them are colorful and charming. i love this cute city and her sweet & pastel colours.

do you share this thing with doors with me? what city would you suggest to a charming door lover?

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  1. Beautiful! Perhaps my favourite of your colour palette series.
    The old town of Tallin is truly fascinating; I should visit it again soon, since I'm not that far!

  2. For me it's windows hehe.These doors have such wonderful colours & designs.

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  5. These doors and windows are pretty colorful but the designs are little old fashioned. I like the first one the most, it is looking new and well furnished but the later are not that much attractive. I guess these doors need some repairing or remodeling so that they will give the appearance of a cute city again. These doors are really big like heaven doors. Thanks for sharing. Visit Replacement Windows Glendale for more info about the door and window repair and replacement.


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