Monday, 30 April 2012

Going East. April, Saturday 28th

on saturday morning, there were just 75 km between us and the Far East.
following a beautiful shining sun, we rode towards Udine, to enjoy the last day of the Far East film festival, the biggest european festival of popular east asian cinema.
the first part of the journey seemed kind of boring, cause it was all across the main road: straight and full of traffic {not to mention the traffic lights}. but with a Lambretta you don’t even have the chance to be bored… after the first 10 km she had already turned off twice. 

crossed the Tagliamento river, we finally took a more interesting side road, which ran through several tiny friulian towns. the road signs began to being bilingual: Italian (of course), and friulian dialect.  

with the festival, Udine only confirms his position as a major center of multiculturalism. 

red market stalls displaying bonsai, kokeshi dolls, cupcakes, handmade bags, teas. ethnic restaurants offering ad hoc menus, asian girls hanging around hand in hand giggling while eating gelato, cosplayers sitting down the loggia, the big panda {which is the symbol of the festival fourteenth edition} peeping at every street corner…
the tavern Al Cappello {The Hat} is our must in Udine. the owners put together in an unique spot their four great passions: for hats, cats, good food and good wine. coincidentally, they are also four of our greatest passions. we are addicted to their tartine, and the cold tocai {a white local wine} is the perfect companion. 

after a movie {we saw the papanese comedy “Mitsuko Delivers” by Ishii Yuya, original title Hara ga Kore Nande}  we were ready to go back home, but the lambretta wasn’t on the same page. 
it took a lot to turn her on and, as always, that attracted some old men willing to dispense good advices. lambrettas were really popular in italy during the fifties and the sixties, so the “original owners”, who are now in their seventies or eighties are always happy, nostalgic and fond of seeing someone with a lambretta, and they often stop to have a little chat with us about the pro and cons of having a scooter like that {fifty years and still the same problems, as, indeed, the ignition}.

mister Mario, who was there to see a kendo show, helped M. out with the spark plug {is not that M. was not capable, but we were glad to get help and chat with him} and talk about his old lambretta and his work as a mechanic

wonderful day. 

Al Cappello
via Paolo Sarpi, 5  
33100 Udine 

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