Sunday, 26 August 2012

Burano and Mazzorbo. August, Saturday 25th

The one which is maybe our favourite city in the world is the one we cannot reach by Lambretta. Ciao, Venezia.

We both studied at the Venice University so the city means a lot to us. The main island, the "fish", is a wonderful and unique place that everyone should see in his life. But, the magic continues in the lagoon. To explore the little islands, take the vaporetto 12 from the imbarcadero in Fondamenta Nuove, the journey takes 40 minutes (7 one way).

Burano is colorful as a parrot, simple as a fisherman. Embroidered by the sea, trimmed in lace.

Once you get off the vaporetto, you have a small park on the right side, a nice place to have a pic nic if you brought your lunch, like we did (considering the vaporetto tickets price, is a good way to save some money). I prepared some sandwiches with salame, rocket/sundried tomatoes/grana cheese, gorgonzola cheese/fig/honey (had the last one idea from this recipe).

Walking between the park and the sea, you'll arrive to a wooden bridge, which connects Burano to her quiet sister, Mazzorbo island.
In the early days of Venetian life, there were farmers, too. Somehow they managed to farm this salty, microscopic and stingy land.
In Mazzorbo we can still admire the results of such stubborness: the restaurant & hostel Venissa is located inside a vigna murata (walled vineyard), recently restored.


  1. thank you for your lovely comment! you have fantastic pictures here, that definitely reflect the joy of your days!

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