Friday, 28 September 2012

desmontegada. September, Sunday 23rd

the Desmontegada {the Transhumance Fair} of Primiero Valley is an event that we look forward to see every year. the transhumance is the seasonal movement of the livestock from winter to summer pastures. the fair is aimed to traditionally celebrate the end of the summer mountain pastures, and the cows coming back to the valley, where the herders have their permanent home.

Anna's boyfriend Giovanni has a cozy maso in the Primiero Valley, in Trentino region (where I would like to live happily ever after) and his family got a farm, so they take part in this parade where all the local farms and families show their animals around the town's tiny streets.

it's a wonderful example of Trentino's local folklore, and we love it. (One of Giovanni's cow walked into a cafè, too! That was adorable)
Tosela, beans, luganega, polenta... i'm still dreaming about the food we had in Tonadico. too bad I don't have photos of that (next time, I promise), but you can enjoy all the parade details I loved the most.


on our way back home we took the Passo Cereda direction instead of the usual road, to enjoy the amazing -but sometimes spooky- panorama of the Val del Mis (I was so frightened by the unlit rock tunnels!).

i know we look overdressed but believe me it was cold on the road.  

i'm not posting any analogue photos lately, my Nikon EM is under repair!


  1. looks like you had a wonderful time, this photos are so lovely! :)

    (i couldn't help notice in the little map how close you were to lentiai, my great grandfather was from there ^^)

    1. from lentiai, really?? i know the place, my grandma is from feltre, a town about 5km far from there!

    2. yes! :) one of his cousins was the painter toni piccolotto :)

      i believe some of my grandmother cousins moved to feltre, small world!! i've always wanted to visit ♥

    3. oh, so you have some artist genes!

      if you love mountains, woods, small-town life, it's worthing a visit for sure! and i can show you around ;)

      next time i pass through i'll take some pictures for you ♥

  2. The pictures are great! Need to add a follow to your blogger :) come by and visit my Blog please follow me this way I can check back to see if you post any more pictures thanks

    1. thank you! i'll take a look at your blog as soon as i can, but i think there is a way to be updated on my blog post even without a follow button,or not?


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