Thursday, 8 November 2012

East Midlands roadtrip

A countryside roadtrip by car and not by Lambretta this time {we haven't found a cheap way to carry the Lambretta with us...yet} driving around the East Midlands in Britain.
We're so glad we found exactly the kind of villages and scenery we were looking for.. I was expecting to see Elizabet Bennet or Lady Mary Crawley around every corner!
Autumn colors really suit Derbyshire and its historical and natural jewels, making us love every single mile.

Some highlights:
° drove for 363 miles {584 km}, embracing the scary opposite side {of the road}
° had 4 cream tea with homemade fruit scones, jam and butter
° saw 3 castles {Bolsover Castle, Peverill Castle, Nottingham Castle}, 2 stately houses {Hardwick Hall, Chatsworth House -hello, Bess!-}, 1 national park {Peak District}, 2 counties {Notts, Derbs}
° sang in a cavern (Un'avventura, by Battisti. And it was the Blue John Cavern -the white haired guide is the best-)
° listened Adele's Skyfall 10 times at BBC radio {at least}
° said hello to the 1150 years old Major Oak in Sherwood Forest
° learned how to fill out an English IRF
° ate too much bacon
° recreated the Pride and Prejudice movie scene above Stanage Edge
° visited the Little John's oversized grave
° slept in a house in the woods listening to the rain

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  1. wow! che meraviglia! e' da tantissimo tempo che vorrei fare un viaggio simile! :-) adoro la campagna inglese - forse, anche nel mio caso, perché sono troppo condizionata da letteratura e cinema! ;-)

  2. grazie cara! eh si, le varie jane austen e sorelle brontë mi hanno rovinato.. ci mancava solo downton abbey!


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