Saturday, 8 December 2012

Street Food, an introduction

I was asked to invent a street food recipe, paired with a wine. So, I thought: what does it have to do with me, and with my blog? This is not a blog about food. Not a blog about wine. But I like wine. And I do love good, fresh, locally produced food. It's not about travel in general, either. I love to travel, of course. But this is a space where I'd love to talk about a way to enjoy a land, its streets, spots, traditions, products, flavours.
That's what I have in common with street food.

When I think about "street food" I can't stop thinking about how refreshing that pineapple I bought on the hot & wet street of Bangkok was, and about how I felt, eating yakisoba at Mitama Matsuri in Tokyo: I was alone, not lonely. I was living the place, fitting in, understanding something about that land.

Street Food is quick >> but just because it's simple, easy to prepare, you don't have to eat it quickly! On the contrary, it's better if you take your time, and enjoy it with someone else: you'll never forget its taste.

Street Food is typical >> it talks about a place: tradition, culture, history, folk, are its ingredients.

Street Food is, well, street! >> you can eat it in your cozy living room ( with that friends of yours that showed up at your door on sunday evening), sitting on your couch watching a movie, on a bench in the park, during a picnic or a roadrip: everywhere.

Watch out, or you'll stain your shirt (I usually do).


  1. I really love what you wrote about Street Food! :-) I really enjoy eating on the road, especially in the summer time - unfortunately eating outside in the winter is almost unbearable in Finland, but I make the most of it during the warmer months! ;-)

    1. you're a darling, thank you polly.
      ahah i can't imagine how cold is in finland right now, or in january! i was i helsinki last year at the beginning of november but it was still ok. what is a typical finnish street food? i remember a lapland fish stand in kauppatori. but the best "street" lunch we had was a bowl of warm soup at the hakaniemi market.. i think it should be cosidered street food, too! ;)


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