Wednesday, 30 January 2013

winter run before Panevin. January, Saturday 5th

the afternoon before panevin we went for a ride, to see the bonfire in the surroudings . ours was already built up, with the vecia {an old lady doll, symbol for bad things from the past year} on the top, ready to be burned.

i took some photographs of the sourroundings, to the old country houses and the other panevin.

{olympus om10 + fuji superia 1600}


  1. I absolutely adore country houses! everytime I pass by an abandon one, both in Italy and Finland, I wish I could visit it inside!
    P.S. the bonfires look impressive even when they're not on fire yet!

    1. ahah i know what you mean, it's becoming a sort of obsession for me, too! i want to shoot a enless series of country houses ♥

  2. HI! Yeah I have an olympus om10. it's my new analog camera and I see you have one too.
    Really like the photos :)

    1. thank you edna!
      om10 is a great reliable camera ♥


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