Thursday, 11 April 2013

invasioni digitali. co-creation of cultural value

i want to talk to you about a super cool project, called digital invasions {invasioni digitali}.
the idea involves the organization of several mini-events (invasions) at museums or art venues outside the mainstream, in italy during the week from 20 to 28 of april.

it's aimed to bloggers, instagramers, photography lovers and anyone active on social media who wants to be ambassador of the local cultural heritage.
the goal is to spread the culture, the local beauty and history, using the power of internet and social media.

i thought it fits me, so i organized a digital invasion, too!
we are going to invade the Tipoteca Museum, a 2,000 square meters space dedicated to letterpress and book art, in a small town called Cornuda (Treviso), near Montello, on april, saturday 27th.

photo source
Tipoteca houses not only an extraordinary collection of metal and hand-cut wood typefaces, but also maintains an archive, a printing museum, a functioning print studio, and an extensive library—all in one efficiently designed, multipurpose building.

it will be a combination of two kinds of communication, old and new. a contamination between digital culture and local heritage, between the web and the place where we live in.

for one day, this little corner of treviso province will become a place for storytelling, where virtual and real are interwined. 

see you on saturday 27th!

info and registration:



  1. that sounds absolutely awesome! I'd love to participate, if only I was in Italy!
    good luck with that, Silvia! have fun and keep us posted about it!

    1. i'd like you to attend, too polly!
      i will post some updates just after the event :)

  2. This is a great idea,indeed :)

    hope you will have lots of fun!

    1. i hope ideas like this one will spread across all the less known (or forgotten) cultural venues. we have so many in all europe :)

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