Tuesday, 30 April 2013

the prosecco road, film II. from Conegliano to Feletto

our journey on the prosecco road continued heading to San Pietro di Feletto.
from the quite elegant town center of Conegliano, we moved into a quiet rural area. this itinerary is loved by cyclist and cycling tourists, too. 

the road goes up to the hills, the landscape is a color palette of greens, dotted with farmhouses and agriturismi. the small church steeples stand out against the sky, as landmarks. 

arrived in San Pietro di Feletto, the best stop you can make is the Pievein the Middle Ages, a pieve was a rural church with a baptistery, upon which other churches without baptisteries depended.

this is a perfect place to admire the scenic lookout, you almost have a 360' view over the hills.
the Feletto's Pieve dates back to the VIII century, and it probably was a pagan roman altar before that.

{nikon em + ilford 125}

Pieve di San Pietro di Feletto - opening hours
sat 9.00-10.00/ 15.00-20.00
sun 9.00-11.30/ 14.30-19.00


  1. Beautiful countryside! I love the drawn maps so much too.

    1. thank you alexandria ♥
      thanks to this maps, i rediscovered drawing :)

  2. i wish i was there with a lambretta for a ride :)

  3. Beautiful photos! Looks so peaceful, as if from another time and place.

    1. thank you regine! these hills are hidden gems, indeed

  4. Those hills look fantastic! I wish I were there, Silvia!


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