Sunday, 26 May 2013

wool! May, Sunday 19th

there is a small town called Follina in the Treviso province, mainly known in the region for its simple and beautiful abbey.
Follina owes its foundation and growth to the benedectine monks who, patiently and silently, built the abbey before the XII century. then, the monks taught the peasants the art of wool, starting a tradition that gave Follina her name and was destined to be long and prosperous throughout the valley. the place was perfect for the sheeps thanks to the grazing lands and water. 

today, just one wool factory remains as evidence of the textile past of the town. it's called Lanificio Paoletti and during the past weekend it opened its doors to the public. there were meetings, exhibitions and small itineraries through the past and present of this precious and humble local tradition.

at the event, there was a shepherd with few sheep, showing how he shears them - maybe from the picture it seems that he's urting her but don't worry she was fine, quiet and very still all the time. I've never seen the shearing before. 
I touched her fleece {shorn in one piece} at the end, it was heavy and kind of greasy, bur extremely soft.

the wool factory was all set up for the visit, with an accurate arrangement of historical photos and colorful objects.
since our visit to the tipoteca museum, I've realized I really appreciate this kind of industrial tourism, where old and new machines and tools could be seen while they're working. amazing how you can find a charm in a factory, too!


  1. the building is amazing!
    i love the way you tell this little stories about the places you go to :)

    1. you're right, the building is really eye catching with those yellow and red!

      i'm glad you appreciate my little work here ♥

  2. That lanificio must be a an awesome place to visit, dear Silvia! What a cool post! You always manage to find the most interesting happenings and not that far from your home town. Follina must be very beautiful as well, with its abbey. Thank you for sharing these photographs, they are so interesting! And I especially love the last one - I can almost feel the wool on my own hands just by looking at it! :-)

    1. thank you polly ♥
      sometimes the most interesting things are the closest to us, aren't they? it can be understood looking at your beautiful photographs,too!


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