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tipoteca italiana museum. April, Saturday 27th

I'm sure you remember the digital invasions project, and the event I was planning at tipoteca museum.
if you don't, you must know that the idea involved the organization of several mini-events (invasions) at museums or art venues outside the mainstream, in Italy during the week from 20 to 28 of april.

it was aimed to bloggers, instagramers, photography lovers and anyone active on social media who wants to be ambassadors of their local cultural heritage.
the goal was to spread the culture, the local beauty and history, using the power of internet and social media.

when I proposed the invasion to the tipoteca museum staff {Michela and Sandro: very kind, very cool people}, I was expecting about 15-20 registrations, but in the end, that saturday morning there were 46 enthusiastic invaders, armed with cameras and smartphones. 

curiosity has been the mainspring: what is a tipoteca? the word in italian language implies a typographic collection, but there is not other known examples of that. this is because tipoteca museum is an unique place. 
in the past 20 years, the Antiga family, owners of the printing firm Grafiche Antiga, has been collecting fonts from italian printing houses, which were throwing them away since the metal type and wood type had become obsolete to work with. 
now, they have this amazing collection of typeface, most of which they actually use for their everyday work, that ranges throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of italian typography. a priceless heritage, so meaningful for italian history.
you could feel Michela and Sandro's passion for their work when they were telling us that story.  
a visit to tipoteca museum is a journey into the history of books and printing.
who among you has ever seen a linotype machine, or a monotype machine? they made the printing history, which was (is!) so crucial to our cultural history.

there were some graphic designers among the invaders, and believe me, they were purring. but even for the uninitiated like me, the place was pure magic.
and the best part is that the museum is alive! I mean, the fonts have not just been closed in drawers or showcases, they can be used from anyone who ask, for real letterpressing. the machines are still working. people from american universities come here several times a year to do workshops. 

italians or foreigners, if you are interested in graphic design, typography, or are passionate about well printed books, this place must be in your bucket list.

surprise! tipoteca has given us a small precious gift after the invasion: a handprinted sheet of cotton paper, with the event's tagline "a short circuit of font, from lead to bits" and the details.
the font is semplicità by alessandro butti, from 1933.

the digital invasion usual procedure was to bring a sheet with the written words "invasione compiuta" {invasion accomplished} and take a group photo with it, but we did better! forget the boring printer, we printed the invasion accomplished sign ourselves!  here there is a funny video of me doing that.
* laughing at my silly faces is forbidden *

as you can see, despite the digital invasions, I have not given up on being analogue, and I brought my nikon em to try to capturing the tipoteca's genius loci on film. 
anyway, for some digital bits, this is the storify of our invasion {with tweets, instagram pics, etc.}, and you can find some professional photos here

the tipoteca's invasion ended how any event in Italy should end: drinking and eating together in a near osteria.

 thanks to all the invaders! it was awesome ♥
{nikon em + superia 1600}

info and tips 

via Canapificio, 3 - 31041 Cornuda (TV)

wine, local taste, relaxed atmosphere in the surroundings:  

Ristorante e Enoteca Casa Brusada
Via Erizzo, 117 - 31035 Crocetta del Montello (TV)

Antica Osteria Guarnier
Via Feltrina, 28  - 31035  Cornuda  (TV)


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderfully detailed description of your invasion, dear Silvia! Your analogue photographs of the place are great!
    That Tipoteca space looks and sounds absolutely wonderful!

    1. i'm glad you like it. it's worthing a visit!

  2. Thank you all, it was a perfect day.

  3. Replies
    1. prego! sia le invasioni digitali che la visita alla tipoteca sono state un piacere. esperienze da raccontare, condividere, ripetere!


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