Saturday, 18 May 2013

by the river. May, Saturday 4th

the river which flows in the Veneto plain between Treviso and Venice is named Sile. for a part of its lenght, its banks are kept in a natural park, in order to preserve the local flora and fauna.
a small part of this park, in Santa Cristina village, has become a nature reserve, called Oasi Naturalistica del Mulino Cervara. it has been on my to-do list for a long time, so when the first real warm day of this spring has come, we went for a ride and visit.

there is an old mill, that dates back to 1325, to welcome the reserve visitors. i was thrilled because i knew that the reserve is the home of a small community of birds of prey, and i was looking forward to see the owls.
we actually saw the birds houses, but not them. they were asleep and didn't came out for their usual late afternoon flight either. 
i have to admit it, i was disappointed. the view of a storks family cheered me up a little bit, so i could enjoy the beautiful path in the swamp.
i'm sorry i don't have any pictures of the birds, but they didn't came close enough. next time i'll bring the digital camera with a more suitable lens. (and hopefully see the owls, too)

after the visit to the reserve, i was still pouting and marco took me in one of our favorite osteria in Treviso, near the Sile river but a few km east.
the place it's called osteria da Nea and it got a perfect relaxed atmosphere: tables outside to see the water, fresh cedrata {citron soda} and cheap tasty snacks. fried fish is the specialty of the house.

yes, sometimes a glass of cedrata is the solution!
on our way back home, another shot for my small collection of countryside houses

{nikon em + fujicolor 200}
Oasi del Mulino Cervara
via cornarotta, 50 - Santa Cristina di Quinto di Treviso (TV)
it's open to the public on weekends from early february to late november 
entrance fee 4 euro

Osteria da Nea
via alzaia sul sile, 22 Silea (TV)


  1. wonderful landscape,once again <3

    i was in Italy twice but only got to meet Rome,Milan,Venice and Bergamo,chuif :/ i wanto to go back and see in first hand all this places you present to us so well!
    great pictures :)

    1. thank you sara!
      well, rome and venice are two of the most beautiful cities in the world. but italy got also a rural soul, which is worth visiting!
      i'd be glad to show you ;)

  2. Silvia, the romantic mood of these photographs is just perfect!
    I especially love the one with the two boats close together!

  3. Great description and photo reportage! Indeed, this place is amazing.

    1. and you must know it well :) thank you for stopping by!


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