Thursday, 2 May 2013

the prosecco road, film III. from Feletto to Refrontolo

one last glimpse to the pieve, and we are on the road again, heading to Refrontolo. but the monumental church keeps watching us running, from its dominant position on the hill behind our backs.

this is my favorite part of the prosecco road, and spring is the perfect season to appreciate it at its best, with all the wild flowers in bloom.

Refrontolo is locally famous for a straw wine called Marzemino, or Refrontolo passito, and for a charming water mill, hidden in the trees, at the foot of one hill. this is the Molinetto della Croda, a rare example of rural architecture, built on the sixteenth century. 
it was active until 1953, and the millstone is still working.  it's now used for local fairs, like the celebration of harvest in october, aiming to keep the old milling tradition alive.

the music of water, the enchanted, timeless atmosphere.. the place has a fairytale charm, don't you think? 

 {olympus om10 + fujicolor 200}

info and opening hours
molinetto della croda website


  1. Replies
    1. thank you, dear sara! i love the place. it looks like fairies and elves are going to come out that door at any moments

  2. I like this kind of has wonderful colors!

    1. grazie bobi ♥
      i usually prefer superia (200 or 1600), but this time i bought a fujicolor film without noticing!! it turned out better than i tought anyway :P

  3. oh my, that Molinetto della Croda! I wish I could visit it!
    once again, thank you for sharing such wonderful panoramas, dear Silvia!

  4. beautiful countryside. i want to go there!

  5. polly and brianne, i wish you'll visit these beautiful hills one day! just let me know ;)


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