Friday, 14 June 2013

the city of a hundred horizons. Asolo. June, Saturday 8th

the warm sun makes everything more enjoyable, but i think that I would have considered our day in Asolo perfect even during  a storm. 

arriving at Asolo is beautiful. led by an uphill winding road, you get more and more fascinated by the deep green, the mountains silhouette, the messy perfection of that town which is slowly appearing clear. 

Asolo is a little town nestled between the hills in Treviso province like a gem, with pale green as horizon all around.

our gazes were constantly upturned, catching the beauty of those old houses, which seem to compete with each other in an elegance contest. in the narrow streets there was scent of jasmine. it climbs on the walls of the buildings, framing in green and white the old iron signs and graceful streetlights.

there are a fortress and a museum to visit. located in the highest point of the town, we enjoyed the view from the crenellated fortress. but my favourite thing was wandering among the streets, browsing in antique shops, feel the atmosphere. 

in the past, Asolo was a place where intellectuals, poets and artists loved to take refuge, think, and compose contemplating the stunning landscapes. it all begins when a queen, called Caterina Cornaro, was exiled here from her throne in Cyprus. she made her court by inviting the best artists of the XIV sec (the tower of her castle appears in the first picture).
then, between 1800 and 1900, it was again chosen as home by italian and foreing artists, like the writer Robert Browning, the actress Eleonora Duse, the explorer Freya Stark. it's easy to imagine them, and all the intellectuals who came here, walking under the arcades, their hands clasped behind their backs and an absorbed expression.

maybe that's one of the reasons why there are many foreign travellers coming there, even if it's small and far from the main tourism circuit.

typical cafès and hosterias are a tempting distractions. it's a good place to taste the Veneto simple cuisine, and a perfect location to shop some cheese, coming from the nearby Mount Grappa. i bought some Morlacco cheese myself, bringing home a taste of this lovely day.

have a nice weekend ♥

{olympus om10 + fuji superia 200}


  1. Oh my, Asolo looks so beautiful! It all seems to be frozen in time! I wish all the little villages would look like that and remain that way - instead of giving space to modern buildings!
    The colours of these photographs are nostalgic and beautiful - how lovely!
    I also like your smiling portrait on the Lambretta! :-)

    1. thank you polly!
      asolo has been lucky: no space for new buildings in the historical part of the town. it's worth visiting!

  2. Che bel posto! Questi luoghi mi affascinano sempre molto, forse perché, oltre a essere stupendi, sono anche molto diversi dei luoghi a cui sono abituata.

    1. grazie ilaria! certo, vedere qualcosa di completamente diverso è sempre affascinante, anche se a volte abbiamo posti bellissimi fuori dalla porta di casa, di cui non ci rendiamo neanche conto perchè siamo abituati a vederli, no? :)

    2. Sono perfettamente d'accordo con te! Infatti anche nel mio blog (ancora neonato :))scrivo di posti che sono poco lontani dal mio paese. Se magari vuoi andare a darci un'occhiata, mi farebbe davvero molto piacere :)

  3. Have a great weekend Silvia :)

    i agree with Polly:i wish this tiny villages could stay untouched,they are beautiful and inspiring*

  4. ohhh so beautiful Silvia!!
    I hope this place never changes :-)

  5. asolo looks incredibly beautiful! i just adore the 3rd photos with the successive roofs!

    it's almost unfair how every little village in italy looks so pretty!

    1. dear joana, thank you and welcome! ahahah maybe not every little village but we're almost there... i'm glad you like it :)

      it makes me so happy to share the beautiful things of my homeland, and let people know it better

  6. Come sempre sai farmi sognare con le parole!
    Ciao Silvia a presto

    1. ma grazie Vale, come sei carina!
      speriamo di incontrarci ancora per caso, ma la prossima volta con più calma! ;)

      (p.s. ho seguito la tua #paganelladaurlo su twitter e non vedo l'ora di leggerne la storia!)

  7. Great place, with architecture full of history. Good choice!


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