Thursday, 20 June 2013

an ancient hamlet. Borgo Malanotte

on our way to Asolo, we stopped by an ancient hamlet called Borgo Malanotte.

it's very close to home but we had only seen it from the road before, and never stopped. that day, our attention was caught by some people who were setting up a town festival. 

i'm glad we stopped. the place is graceful like a poem, with a shade of proud decadence.

there is a bunker from the first world war open to visit {Borgo Malanotte was an headquarter for the artillery units, this is the reason why the place was particulary protected}, but i was more interested in colors, details, people working for the fair. 

{olympus om10 + fuji superia 200}


  1. Yes, you're right! It was proud and decadent at the same time and I think you did a great job in catching those qualities!

    1. thanks antonella! i'm glad i was able to convey the feelings that the place gave me ;)

  2. wonderful blog and pictures over there!!


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