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colli Berici. May, Saturday 25th

in the first part of our trip in Vicenza province, we breathed the mountain peace of the Altopiano di Asiago. then, with the Vicenza's historic center behind us, our eyes got the power of wander on the lavishly green hills surrounding us. we were ready for the last part, an exploration of the Colli Berici, gentle hills south of Vicenza.
Berici hills map and local products

a roadtrip on the Berici hills {colli Berici} is a journey through the local taste and products. in my mind, now that i'm recollecting those memories, voices and flavours cross each other, to tell the same story, of simplicity and care.
we visited some organic farms, slept in agriturismi with homely atmosphere, drove up and down the narrow streets, looking at the little towns life through the car windows.

i've selected three particular memories, to summarize my experience in the Berici hills. 
the first image that impressed me was the gray sight of the incompiuta, in Brendola. incompiuta means unfinished, and this church is the proof that the crisis was a matter in the past centuries, too: the client did not finish paying for it, and when he died, the work was suspended and never started again. so, the unfinished church still lies there, grim and fascinating, home for crows.

incompiuta di Brendola
the second memory is a feeling. you've seen the map above, where i draw all the local products that are made in the Berici; among those, there are two i like the most: sopressa {aged salami made with the best pig cuts}, and grappa {alcoholic beverage, a fragrant, grape-based pomace brandy}. the two rooms, in two different places, where i've seen the sopressa aging, and the distillery equipment, gave me the same feeling. the light and the smell were different, of course, but they were both dark and muffled, chilly and aromatic. and, first of all, the two rooms have the same atmosphere, the one you can feel in places that are rich in traditions handed down from father to son, manual labor, trade secrets. i love this kind of places.

the salami aging room in Agriturismo Monterosso - the Brunello distillery

the third and last memory is a gesture. at the olive oil tasting, and while Marianna was making the goat cheese, the starting gesture was the same: they draw a cross. with the spoon on the cheese, with the oil on the salad. a gesure of blessing.

Brunello distillery
via G.Roi, 51 - Montegalda (VI)

Agriturismo Monterosso
Via Monte Rosso, 18 - Brendola (VI)


  1. I tuoi disegni mi fanno sempre impazzire! ma quanto sei brava? :)

    1. ma che carina, grazie ♥
      in effetti stanno piacendo in un modo che non mi sarei aspettata!

  2. Silvia, the Incompiuta is absolutely stunning! What an incredible structure! It's sad that they haven't completed it, yet it looks so interesting just the way it is - not exactly your average church!
    I wish I could taste that Sopressa: it must be delicious!

  3. I love so much the tiny illustrations you make <3

  4. il disegnino non delude le aspettative :)

    1. ♥! forse anni fa avrei dovuto buttarmi sul disegno!

  5. A guardare le foto sembra di sentire gli odori della soppressa e della distilleria! I disegni sono simpaticissimi! Ma li fai tu a mano?

    1. grazie ilaria! uno dei miei obiettivi è quello di trasmettere le sensazioni che certi luoghi speciali mi danno, sono contenta di riuscirci almeno un po' :)
      sì i disegni li faccio con la penna e poi li scandisco (che parola brutta)


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