Monday, 10 June 2013

strolling at donkey's pace. May, Sunday 26th

have you ever done a donkey trekking? i've heard it's a trend in walking holidays.

on a sunny sunday morning, the last day of our blog tour in Vicenza's lands, we walked skin to coat with a female donkey named Silvana, along a path that vanished among the olive trees.

donkeys are nice companion to walk with. not too slow, not too fast, they give you time to look around when they stop to taste that tempting tuft of grass. also, they could take your backpack if the hike is too hard for you, and they have that shaggy coat which is so soft on the ears and nose! they make you smile and distract you from the effort and the heat, when they want to play stubborn and refuse to cross a water trickle. 
Martino with the donkey | San Bernardino cave facade

our hike's destination was a cave name after St. Bernardino, where we had a brief refresher on the prehistoric period. i felt like a third grade girl listening to Martino, our guide, who talked about the Neanderthal man traces left here, one of which is a fireplace of 170000 years ago. {seriously, 170000! i had to write it down, cause so many zeros confuse me}

now i want to buy a donkey.

{olympus om10 + fuji superia 200}


  1. Che animali fantastici! :) La foto delle orecchie viste da dietro è eccezionale!

  2. Silvana the donkey! How lovely! ♥ I have never done a donkey trekking myself, but it does sound wonderful!
    Beautiful photographs, as always here!

  3. Che belli! Quando è capitato a me di vedere degli asinelli erano solo in un recinto o in mezzo a qualche albero in un angolino di un boschetto. Deve essere proprio una cosa simpatica fare una passeggiata in compagnia di questi teneroni!

    1. sono teneri ma quando si impuntano è difficile dissuaderli!
      grazie ilaria!

  4. i have a donkey back home <3
    they are sooo sweet!
    lovely pictures,Silvia!

    1. i'm super curious about your farm. looking forward to see more photos of it ;)

  5. Yep, I think it's definitely a trend! I read of donkey trails on several national and local papers while visiting my parents in Italy recently. Love all your shots. I've just discovered your blog so I'm browsing through all your old posts!


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