Friday, 26 July 2013

postcards from southern Italy. July, 17-22nd

i've been away for a few days last week. Marco and i took a 10 hours long road trip across Italy. that kind of roadtrip where you have bare feet, a roadmap on your knees, empty the bottles all over the car, and a playlist to sing along.

we had the pleasure to be invited to a blog tour in a valley called Valle del Raganello, in Calabria, the region at the toe of the italian peninsula. we decided to leave a day early, to explore one of the most beautiful town in Italy, Matera, in Basilicata region. 

we spent a whole day driving and singing, and the funniest thing is that we realized that if we had driven for the same amount of kilometers but towards north, we'd reach Berlin or Paris! so, you can easily imagine the variety of scenery and lifestyles that we passed through. looking at my beautiful country sliding out of the car window, feeling every kilometer, was a good lesson of geography. 

we'd have loved to take this amazing journey by lambretta, but it would have required at least a 15 days long vacation.

i leave you with two postcards i brought home, a little preview of the stories from southern Italy i'll tell you next week. have a lovely week end! 

p.s. before my southern italy trip, i have opened i diari della lambretta's facebook page. it's going to be a place for blog updates and pictures. hope you like it

vintage image of Matera in a postcard

Civita and the Raganello Valley in a postcard


  1. Ah sei venuta dalle mie parti! (Be', più o meno :D) Spero che ti sia piaciuta la Basilicata. Chissà, magari un giorno verrai a vedere anche la Puglia :D

    1. questa volta purtroppo la Puglia l'abbiamo vista solo dall'autostrada. ma torneremo sicuramente :) uno dei nostri compagni di viaggio in Calabria era un pugliese innamoratissimo della sua terra, e devo dire che è stato un ottimo sponsor! (ciao Raffaele)

    2. assolutamente! Vienici a trovare :)

  2. That sounds like a great trip, Silvia!
    I really cannot wait to hear more about it!
    It's going to be nice to see what you thought of Southern Italy this time around!

  3. Looking forward to your next posts :)

    it seems a great road trip by this small preview!

  4. thank you girls, i really hope you'll like the stories :)


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