Saturday, 6 July 2013

trekking in the Langa Astigiana. June, 28-30th

if you come here often, you already know that, when i'm not riding a lambretta, i like to travel and go hiking. so i simply had to say yes when i was invited to a trekking weekend near Asti, Piemonte. 
this was my second time in Piemonte region, and i had never been to Asti or Asti province before.
i just knew it for being the land of origin of some very good wines. (another good reason to say yes, right?)

our trekking destination was Asti province's southern part, an hilly territory called Langa Astigiana. at first, when we arrived, i tought the scenery was similar to the one i'm so used to: high hills, the Alps in the background, rural architecture, small churches.
actually, i'm happy i had the chance to enjoy the journey on foot: when you walk, you see everything. there is the same difference, as between looking at the water and jumping in.
a tower in Olmo Gentile, the smallest village of Asti province

our route crossed several medieval villages. in the Langa Astigiana, villages are the tinies i've ever seen. i am a small town girl, i was born and raised in a town with 5000 inhabitants, i thought i knew something about tiny villlages! i did not. i was surprised to see municipalities with 150, 120, and even 40 inhabitants. and each one has its own symbols, local products, patron saint, secret stories. oh, how much i love Italy. 
five defensive towers, symbols of five villages, were our landmarks along the way. 
medieval towers of Roccaverano, Vengore, Monastero Bormida, San Giorgio Scarampi, Olmo Gentile
Roccaverano was our home base for the weekend, a village dotted with stone houses and farms. 
we tasted goats milk cheese and hazelnuts that are the best products of the local gastronomy. i liked the hazelnuts cake but i was addicted to the goats robiola, a delicious cheese that is Roccaverano's feather on the cap. 

in two days we walked for about 34 km: meeting the locals, constantly picking cherries from the trees, making long stops to see the frescoes in a church or to climb a tower.

frescoes in San Giovanni churc (XI sec.), Roccaverano
a couple picking cherries
stone houses in Mombaldone

Lucia, travelling companion
a robiola di Roccaverano stand
thanks Itineraria and Movimento Lento for inviting me!


  1. That sound like a lovely trekking weekend, Silvia!
    Italy is indeed so full of history, even in the smallest of villages - that's what makes our home-country so special!
    I would love to have a slice of that torta di castagne or try that robiola - it must have been really delicious!
    I hope you're having another nice weekend right now!

    1. thank you polly! i had a quiet and cozy weekend. sometimes it's necessary :)

  2. I love that picture of the couple picking cherries <3

    Italy is the only country where i was twice and in the two times i was there i spent more than a week but i was there studying and could not go into the interior or do some detour to small cities,but i would love to!

    1. i truly hope you'll do :)

      what did you study, if i may ask?

    2. the first time i went to Italy i was studying photography and i did an exchange program in the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano and them i returned a few years latter to Rome for doing some workshops with a course i was taking of Window Dressing & Visual Merchandasing !

  3. that couple picking cherries! <33
    i wish i went to italy someday. me and t though of it, and the option is still on the table for this summer!

    1. good news ;) let me know if you are coming.

  4. ciao, silvia, saluti da torino, hai una mail, vorrei contattarti per il post sul piemonte/asti


    marisa margara

    1. ciao marisa! grazie per essere passata di qui :)
      scrivimi pure a

  5. what a marvelous hats they use, I love the picture of the couple picking cherries...

    1. ahah that's the typical hat for gardening :)

  6. It's all very beautiful, but the photo that shows us a couple picking cherries is sincerely adorable :) thanks for that.

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