Tuesday, 13 August 2013

we went canyoning, i got proof. July, Friday 19th

i don't feel comfortable in the water. when we go to the seaside (and it does not happen so often), i'm the one who keeps an eye to the clothes and bags while everyone goes swimming.
so, i wasn't excited at the idea that the major activity around the Raganello stream is canyoning {or canyoneering}. well, i was wrong.
this is the brightest memory from our days in Calabria, and i'm really glad we did it.
canyoning means to explore a canyon from the inside, to follow the waterstream walking, swimming, climbing, sliding down the smooth rocks, diving.. not to mention falling. all enriched by an amazing view. 

i did not dare bring my camera, but thanks to the bravest Flavio {thinking nomads} i can now show you some pictures. 

Civita's lower gorges are perfect for canyoning. the waters are not that cold ant you can choose your route from different levels of difficulty.
squeezed into a tiny wetsuit and wearing an helmet, we followed our guides down in the gorges for about 3 kilometers {the entire route is 7 km}, surrounded by high walls and roaring waters, to reach the devil's bridge {first picture}. bruises, scratches and goose bumps are part of the game, but also are breathtaking dive, rush of adrenaline and laughs. 

having a guide is important not just for being safe, that is clearly the priority, but also allows you to take the water path that best suits your ability. in our case, it was simple and sometimes tricky, with small waterfalls that i would have avoided if i had been alone, but turned out to be fun when approached with the proper equipment.

info & tips
to stay in Civita, take a look at the lovely b&b Il Comignolo di Sofia. Stefania, the volcanic landlady, is more that happy to give all the infos on the Pollino national park, Civita, where to hike and of course where to go cayoning.
i highly recommend Roberto De Marco as a guide, you can contact him at +39 3471776569.


  1. Silvia, that must have been awesome! I must confess I would find it quite scary myself and I don't know if I would be brave as you were. Those places must have been so incredible - I'm sure you won't ever forget such an experience!

  2. I'm very afraid of well EVERYTHING ahha so you are my hero!

  3. polly and sara thank you ♥
    actually i was not so brave, i was just sure that the guide would't let me drown, and Marco helped me where the water was deeper, like Mama Seal :D

  4. Questo racconto è da leggere tutto d'un fiato! Io amo il mare, ma come te sono sempre quella che si preoccupa dei vestiti e delle borse [meglio così, perchè non si sa mai..], ma non disdegnere il canyoning,anzi, mi hai incuriosito tanto! Se poi il panorama è come questo.. ;)

    1. cara Manuela, grazie! le gole del Raganello hanno davvero un panorama mozzafiato, spero che prima o poi tu abbia occasione di andarci e provare il canyoning! ;)


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