Thursday, 5 September 2013

sunrise in the Dolomites. August, Saturday 10th

Morning is due to all —
To some — the Night —
To an imperial few —
The Auroral light.
{Emily Dickinson}
Malga Preghena di Sotto, Val di Non. h 5.30 AM
i am an earlybird. i love the morning light, the silence, the chill, the expectations, to peacefully plan my day sipping coffee on the couch. but i usually don't get up so early to see the sun rise. i did it in a cold and clear August morning, after a stormy night, and i saw the mountains waking up with me.

our alarm clock rang at five, it was still dark, too dark for pictures, we had a quick sip of coffee and run out to see the cows, who were loudly coming back from the pastures for the morning milking.
where and why did i do that?

we were hosted at Malga Preghena, in Trentino Alto Adige region. cows usually spend the summer in the mountain pastures, from the end of may to the end of september. during these months, the herders live in a mountain hut with a stable and a dairy. this place it's called malga. in the past, a malga's only purpose was to be a place where a family and their cows live, but now most of them are also a good place to eat and buy fresh products.

this summer, some malghe in Trentino offered the possibility to spend the night there, wake up with the family and watch their daily work. a chance to get closer to a lesser known reality. this project was called albe in malga: sunrise in malga.
this was not my first malga experience, but i had the chance to get a better look to the hard work of the family that runs the place.

oh, and the golden light that slowly came from the surrounding mountains to reach us? totally made ​​me forget the ungodly hour at which we woke up. (together with the crazy delicious breakfast we had after the milking!)


  1. Sometimes, to be honest at holiday time I like to get up a little later, but normally I wake up early because I love. I feel all the emotions from the morning which makes me happy because I know that I took the day off. a fantastic place which I'm curious about :-)

    1. thank you diogo! i'm glad i'm making you curious :)

    2. Silvia, I thank you! you have a beautiful blog.

  2. ohh I normally get up around 10am, but I am going to Prague next week and I am really motovated to get up and take some pictures of the charles bridge at dawn. I just hope I can do it, you know. Lovely pictures, I really adore your blog!

    1. thank you kasia for your sweet words!
      i visited prague once but i didn't take any dawn pictures, hope you'll manage to do it. let me know about your trip :)

  3. My best friend is from Alto Adige, so once I had the pleasure to visit those dreamy landscape myself. I miss the now! The beauty of the Dolomiti is superb and you've showed it really well in these photographs of yours, Silvia! Right now I would love to have a slice of that cheese!

  4. As i get older i get more and more fond of waking up early :)

    Beautiful morning mood in here,Silvia!

    1. eheh, i'm following that path too!
      thanks sara

  5. The light in these beautiful pictures make me miss the morning light... I don't get up early these days but seeing them, I might resolve to do it soon... :)

  6. I love that morning light so much. Also that cow looking at the camera is just so cute :)


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