Thursday, 12 September 2013

romantic walk in Mezzano. August, Sunday 11th

another day in Trentino: a lovely sunday spent with my family wandering around the stunning Primiero Valley. anna, giovanni, marco and i took a morning walk surrounded by sunny Dolomites.
then, our afternoon gently passed in the exploration of Mezzano, a tiny village wonderfully still devoted to agriculture and handicraft work rather than tourism. 

Mezzano is quiet, beautiful. its people have experienced joy, love, pain, hard work, loss, hunger, as you can read by the old stone walls. not just metaphorically speaking. there are many stories and facts well narrated on small boards hung on the outer walls of houses. it's as if the village is directly speaking to its guests.

a path called Mezzano romantica {romantic Mezzano} follows the most peculiar and beautiful rural signs to
a deeper understanding of the territory, showing and explaining buildings, old water harvesting system, traditions and daily life.

woodpiles are the most distinctive features of the village.
the long winters have always forced the Dolomiti inhabitants to make copious stock of firewood to heat their homes. so, neat and towering woodpiles are everywhere. in the local language they are called canzèi, and every canzèl is a small masterpiece of care, skill and parsimony, that also colors the streets of a vivid palette of warm shades.

in addition to that,a group of artists has been asked to reinterpret the woodpiles concept to create artworks, so now you can find some beautiful and weird canzèi near to the ordinary ones.


p.s. my sister and i are cat people. always been, always will. but we love dogs, too. and now we have a dog! you can take a peek at him in some pictures. his name is oreste.

{nikon f-801 + fujicolor 200}


  1. Love your pics (and posts)! Ciao, Sere

  2. Mezzano Romantica! ♥ I love them all! And Oreste looks lovely too!
    I absolutely adore that wood displayer (how would you call something like that?) - it's incredible! I have favourited that photo on your Flickr as well!

    1. thank you polly, both fo the comment and for the flickr star.
      that wood "displayer" (let's go with that) is one of the work that some artists did, inspired by Mezzano's woodpiles. it's very impressing!

  3. I'm in love with your pics! E non è una novità :D

  4. Welcome to the family,Oreste <3

    I love the colors of this place and it looks like a place i would love to stay for a few days :)

    1. oreste says hello!
      Mezzano is very quiet, perfect for some alone or romantic time.

  5. Splendide foto, vien voglia di partire subito per Mezzano.

    1. grazie angela, e benvenuta! spero tu abbia occasione di farci un salto, prima o poi.

  6. Your pictures make me dream of a long vacation to Italy :)

  7. Beautiful many interesting details.


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