Monday, 2 September 2013

oh, the summer nights. July, Friday 27th & Saturday 28th

two lovely summer nights, attending two great events. i was carrying my nikon em with an ilford 400. it was way too dark, but i shot it anyway. considering that, i'm not entirely disappointed with the results.

the Lago Film Fest is an international festival of short films, documentaries and screenplays, which takes place every year (this was ninth edition) at the end of July, in a small village called Lago. 
Lago is a small village near a lake, its charm lies in old stone houses, narrow streets and large courtyards. during the festival, the streets are dimly lightned up by candles, and the courtyards are filled with benches and big screens. air smells of popcorns, people of all ages come and go, there are frogs pictured everywhere. 
the atmosphere is the one of a casual backyard movie night, but with excellent selection of short films, some of which are weird, some are funny, some are sad. 
hope some of you get the chance to come next year. 

the next day there was an old scooterist rally near Pordenone. i'm not an huge fan of scooter rallies, but i do like a good party. lots of lambrettas, some super stylish mods, and a nice vinyl dj set.


  1. No, you shouldn't be disappointed at all! These are amazing... sometimes I think b&w knows no boundaries when it comes to loveliness.

  2. I love these, Silvia! The atmosphere is so unique, just like the one in a good old movie! Considering that this was a film festival, it makes it even better! I would love to attend to something like this - it sounds very special!

  3. These pictures remind me of the 60's,long summer nights,i love them!

  4. Sono bellissime Silvia! direi che il risultato è ottimo! :)

    1. grazie mille cristina ♥ sono un po' sottoesposte ma la prossima volta farò meglio ;)


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