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slovenian roadtrip. August, 16th-18th

after our osmize tour, marco and i spent the night in Trieste, to be back on the road the next morning, headed to Ljubljana. it was our very first time abroad by lambretta, and seeing the state line sign was thrilling!
practical info  
if your are coming from italy like us, and willing to do a roadtrip abroad by lambretta/vespa/scooter 125 hp or less, you can not use the regular driving license (patente B) like in italy. you need a motorcycle license (patente A). 
i must admit that i didn't know much about Slovenia before this trip. the few things that used to come into my mind were pointed steeples, a language written with so many "J", and caves. as soon as we crossed the border i realized that i was oblivious to the most obvious feature of Slovenia: over half of the territory is covered by forest, it's the heaven of the outdoorsy life. i could feel the chill on my arms and the mossy smell in the air, crossing woods, large cultivated fields and rural villages all the way until the capital city.

practical info 
Slovenia is famous for its efficient highway network {one of the few things i knew}. in order to have access to the motorway you have to buy the vinjeta, a toll-sticker that represents a subscription, which can be annual (95 euros for cars, 47,50 for motorcycles), montlhy (30 euros for cars, 25 for motorcycles) or weekly (15 euros for cars, 7,50 for motorcycles). so, motorcycles, cars, and most of the campers (less of 3,5 t) do not need to stop at the road toll every time they enter the motorway. the vinjeta can be purchased at gas stations. 
one of the outcomes of the vinjeta system is that motorways are usually busier than normal roads. as far as i've seen, i'm glad we have taken the normal road: it's not just cheaper. it was quiet, no traffic at all, and very scenic: ideal for a roadtrip, i highly recommend it.

coming from Trieste, shortly after the slovenian state line, the village of Lipica is worth a stop.  it's known for the Lipica stud farm, where lipizzan horses are bred. the road passes by large lawns, bordered by white fences, that match the light color of the horses. they appear like a fairytale vision.

the outstanding Postojnska jama {Postojna cave} could be a perfect second stop, and for the most romantic there is the Predjamski grad {Predjama castle} just 9 km away.

once in Ljubljana, we settled at Ljubljana Resort camping, a nice and cheap accomodation. the city center is close, but not in a walking distance, so it can be reached by bus or by bike. the camping has a convenient bike rental service. 
the city is not like i imagined it at all. Ljubljana is very european. the bridges on the water and the bicycles make it look like Amsterdam, the stylish cafès remind me of Vienna. people hang out along the river banks, chat loudly on the tables outside the restaurants. Ljubljana made me instantly feel relaxed, at ease. it felt like summer. my sundresses and sandals met its dragons and art nouveau buildings, and they get along. 

some highlights from our days:

  • shopping in Stari trg and Gallusovo nabrežje {check Sisi shop for home decor and accessories, and Spin vinyl for secondhand records}
  • a walk (and a nap) in park Tivoli
  • buying local products at the farmer's market in Vodnikov trg
  • listening to some jazz at Gajo Jazz Club
  • a lunch with the university crowd at Skriti kot
  • a couple of margaritas at Joe Pena's 
  • sweet treats: macarons at Lolita and cakes at Zvezda
as you know, i have a soft spot for street food. the local delicacy is called burek, a pastry made of phyllo dough, filled with meat or cheese {i saw a pizza burek, too, but i did not try it}, good for a tasty snack or a super quick lunch. 

Ljubljana is a little city, and it's something that i really like. moving only a few km from the center, you are already in the open countryside, or in the middle of a forest.

the last stop of our roadtrip was lake Bled, a place surrounded by mountains, with a small island right in the middle of the water. the lake shores were crowded, but all the loudness could be left behind, by jumping on a pletna {traditional row boat}.

i bet this place look even more magical during the cold season, early morning, with the island all wrapped up in mist. it's a good excuse to come back again, don't you think?

{nikon f-801 + fuji superia 200}


  1. Woah, there is so much to love in this post! The Slovenian forests, Ljubljana - which looks absolutely wonderful and lively, that delicious burek pastry and last but not least lake Bled. Wow, that looks like a place I'd love to visit! ♥

    1. i'm so glad you like it, polly! ♥ slovenia is definitely a place to visit at least once.

  2. Ha! A couple of months ago I met an English couple who got married in that cosy church on the little island. It's a small world!

    1. oh, really!! that's a lovely coincidence! what a poetic place to get married.

  3. Uau,it seems like such a great place to visit :)

    the pictures are so lovely Silvia,dream like!
    And i always love your guides!

  4. That was brave, going with a Lambretta on such a road trip! I love it! I've heard Slovenia is really beautiful, but seeing your pictures is another thing entirely, it looks like a wonderful place to see at summer!

  5. these photos look so wonderful, silvia. you two must have had a wonderful time
    i have a dear friend who lives in slovenia and she always tells me how beautiful the forests are :)

    1. they are indeed. in which townn does your friend live?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Great post, Silvia! We (living in Slovenia) sometimes forget to look around and see things.
    I like your photos, but congratulations on your map, hand drawn - Love it!

    1. thank you priča, and welcome! you live in a beautiful country. it's so near, that i'm sure i'm going to visit again. and i'm happy with that :)

  8. Oh wow, this looks amazing, I've wanted to visit Slovenia for years now, these photos make me want to go even more!

  9. wow! It seems such a great and attractive scenery in Slovenian's road. Trust me, I didn't go there for a while but after reading this article, I'm so excited to make a trip to Slovenia.


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