Friday, 8 November 2013

strawberry tree forever

"o verde albero italico, il tuo maggio
è nella bruma: s'anche tutto muora,
tu il giovanile gonfalon selvaggio
spieghi alla bora" 
Giovanni Pascoli

strawberry tree, arbutus unedo, corbezzolo. this tree colors the autumn with its bright red berries. as the Pascoli's poem i quoted says, its May is in the mist. 

we greeted November harvesting juicy sweetness. we have a big strawberry tree in the garden, now dotted in red. my grandma says it is a symbol of warm welcoming, and that's why it has been planted near the entrance gate.

have a lovely weekend 
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  1. That tree is magnificent, Silvia! Those red fruits just beautiful! ♥

    1. and they're delicious, too! thank you polly

  2. oh, silvia, what a beautiful tree!
    that red is just so rich and eye-catching


  3. In portuguese these are called 'medronhos' and usually grow in the wild <3 i love the licor made out of it and i love to eat all i can catch...they remind me so much of my late grand mother and our walks in the forest to get wood for the hoven <3

    1. beautiful memories, sara! and how is it called the liquor made with medronhos? too bad i did not taste it while in portugal.

  4. The sentiments are beyond lovely and how wonderful it is to have such warmth right at the door! Beautiful tree and beautiful pictures!

  5. La prima foto mi piace un sacco!
    Un caro saluto :)


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