Saturday, 19 April 2014

Caorle. April, Sunday 13th

you rarely see the sea in this space of mine. I'm more the woods-fields-mountains kind of girl. anyway, after the stroll at the antique market in Portobuffolè, Marco and I decided to go reach the coast.

the river that crosses Portobuffolè, called Livenza, keeps flowing for about 50 km to the sea, and we followed it, to a town called Caorle.
the sign "vele di barche caorlotte" means sails of the boats from Caorle
as other fishermen villages (like Burano), Caorle is full of bright colors. most of the walls, windows and doors are painted with pastel or vibrant nuances.

my favorite spot was the pink house you see in the first photo. it is decorated with many drawings of boat sails. Paulino Biancon, 82 years old former fisherman, painted them. all the designs are based on reality. in the past, every fisherman's boat was different, with its own colors and patterns: that way, wives and mothers could recognize their men's boats from afar.
mr. Biancon remembered most of them, and he made some researches for the other ones. i love that wall filled with stories.

bright doors and windows in Caorle

Caorle was part of the former republic of Venice, and the composition of the town still resembles Venice.
in the main square, the bell tower is the first thing that catches the eyes. it dates to 1048, it's 48 metres tall (it did not fit inside my 50mm lens), and the cylindrical structure, surmounted by a cone shaped cusp, makes it pretty unique.

a colorful "calle" and the main square with the bell tower

we bought some fried squids and french fries, and ate them at the seaside, watching the grey of the sky blend into the grey of the sea.

the last two pictures are taken with vsco cam, as the film roll was over, and the landscape too beautiful to let it go.
church of the blessed virgin of the angel
the last stop was a quiet stop in the lagoon banks. we sat there for a while, watching small boats and swans, listening to the waves.
while we were there, an old man stopped by, asking questions about the lambretta. he told us his parents gifted him with the same lambretta for his 17th birthday, in 1960. he had some sweet memories to share, about field trips, adventures, friends, girls. then he greeted us saying "viva la lambretta". it was such a sweet moment.

by the sea
I wish you an happy easter!


  1. konnichiwa silvia.
    i found your blog thru aprons and birds, i think long time ago. but then i lost it somewhere. I am glad i found it again. is your bike vintage? i m amazed that you can take it to such long rides. :-) These photos are so colourful and lovely. I loved your blog. I will drop in here again.

    PS - i can speak Japanese too and take film photos. yoroshiku ne.

    1. はじめまして, pratiksha! thanks for your lovely comment :)
      i'm glad you're fond of japanese culture and film photography, too.
      yes, the bike is from 1960. hope to hear from you again!

  2. This town is a photographer's dream and I'm glad you made it there even though you're not a fan of the sea, Silvia. :)

    1. thank you, katie! the colorful walls are a blessing for a photography lover indeed :)

  3. E' sempre interessante vedere dove ci porti con le tue fotografie e Caorle sembra davvero bella!

    1. grazie Maria! Caorle è un paesino di mare colorato e tranquillo. d'estate ci sono anziani e famigliole in vacanza, ma per una passeggiata è bella tutto l'anno.

  4. so much color Silvia :D love it!

  5. Bello Silvia, ho condiviso il post sui social dell'agenzia per cui lavoro, spero che anche i nostri turisti che sono tanto innamorati di Caorle apprezzeranno il tuo post come ho fatto io! ;)
    Un bacione

    1. ma grazie vale! ho visto su twitter!
      i vostri turisti hanno buon gusto ;)

  6. Wow such pretty images! loving those colors

  7. Foto molto carino. Complimenti per questo viaggio interessante!

  8. Such a beautiful place, the last picture is so pretty!!


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