Wednesday, 4 June 2014

under the tree

if you have been following this blog for a while, you know that sometimes i like to tell stories not just using words and photographs, but also with the help of my pen and a bunch of white sheets.
from my rough doodles came a collaboration with the under the tree girls, a creative team which spreads diy projects, recipes, beautiful photographs, coziness and tips for spending time togheter in a simple but not ordinary way.

here some of the moodboards i sketched for them. for more, you can follow their utterly inspirational facebook page.
captions are in italian, but i know you can understand the universal language of nice things 

barbecue in the mountains

a visual story of a food styling workshop

the rainy sunday morning
 going to the christmas market 

the beetroot
 the dates


  1. I absolutely LOVE these, Silvia! ♥

  2. Che belli! Io adoro i tuoi disegni! Hanno un che di romantico e stimolano la fantasia :)

  3. I absolutely love your quirky yet beautifully clean style of illustrating :)

  4. oh i love your illustrations!you are very talented Silvia!

  5. lovely illustrations <3
    I especially loved the 'rainy sunday morning'

    1. that is actually the first one of the series, and my personal favorite, too! :D

  6. i love your doodles! :))

  7. ben tornata attiva! mi sono mancati i tuoi post e i tuoi sketch :)

    1. grazie mille alessia! ora cercherò di impegnarmi nell'essere più regolare ;)


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