Thursday, 24 July 2014

via Caprera festival

in order to understand this post, a quick introduction is needed. 
  • Vittorio Veneto is a town in northern Italy, where Marco and i are currently living in. {read more about Vittorio Veneto in this post
  • summer means town festivals, almost every town has its own, bigger towns have more than one. it italian is called sagra. {you can find the word sagra in the italian lexicon for curious travellers}
there is a street, in Vittorio Veneto, called via Caprera. it is 500 metres long, with a few shops and bars. 
via Caprera celebrates its own festival every year in july. 
the festival began with a procession dedicated to the virgin mary and then continues with music, food, stalls: classic small town fair entertainment. 

this year, i diari della lambretta had its place in via Caprera festival. it was a corner we named "my favorite places", with a bunch of travel guides, books, maps, notebooks and... lambrettas, of course. a big world map was dominating the scene, and people were invited to write some travel memories or tips on a post it, and stick it to the map.

it was nice to collect and read them at the end of the day, good stuff to inspire future trips!


  1. Sagre are the best! It must have been such a wonderful day!
    I absolutely love the first photo!

    1. sagre are one of the main reason to visit Itay during summer :)

  2. such a beautiful street! :) and the pictures, wow!

  3. wow interesting! for 500m street that was big crowd! i wish i could get chance to visit such festival.

  4. So very awesome! Your corner looks adorable! Small town vibe is so, so endearing. ♥


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