Tuesday, 6 January 2015

analogue Orvieto. November, Saturday 15th

orvieto represents perfectly the kind of city that i like.
i really hoped that my wandering in its charming streets would last longer, but i managed to take a few analogue shoots to show you, who might share my enthusiasm for the striped duomo, the small craft shops, the shady taverns and elegant cafes.

the duomo is so big i couldn't photograph the entire facade with my 50mm lens, so i sketched it!

this great church was built between 1290 and 1297, when the medieval Comune achieved its moment of maximum splendour. the façade was then edited during the first years of 1300, and it is considered a typical example of italian gothic art.


  1. Cavoli, anche Orvieto mi manca! Quanti bei posti devo ancora vedere :)

    1. lo penso anche io tante volte davanti ai tuoi aggiornamenti instagram :)
      (in Italia i bei posti non finiscono mai ♥)

  2. Lovely! The striped duomo is gorgeous!
    Thank you for this analogue portrait of Orvieto!

    1. thank you polly!
      this duomo is a photography lover's dream :)

  3. Uau! So beautiful. Thanks heaven you can draw, if it was me no one would ever know how the duomo is, haha.

    1. in the google era maybe is not so difficult..
      but i preferred to draw anyway! ;)

  4. Perhaps your sketch is even better than a photograph.. it completes your collection of Orvieto's images. ♥

  5. ooohh, that striped wall ♥♥♥

    i want to go to italy and wander around with you, taking pictures and sketching buildings ♥

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