Monday, 19 January 2015

which coffee are you?

to properly greet a new monday morning, i’d like to talk about the most classic of all italian classics {even more classically italian than lambretta} : espresso and his large coffee family.

what does coffee mean to you? 
espresso is made by forcing hot water under high pressure through ground coffee

the first associations that come to my mind are-taking a break, meeting someone-. “vieni a prendere un caffè?” {come have a coffee} is one of the most common things to say to a friend, a coworker, someone you want to have a little chat with. so, coffee means social interactions, relationships.

and, by extension, culture. in Europe ,where the first coffeehouse opened in Venice during the 17th century due to the connections between the city and the Ottoman empire, coffeehouses had been the center of political debates and the birthplace of literary movements. now, cafes are simply the most popular place for gatherings

drip coffee is made by pouring boling water over grounds and a filter
there are many many ways to make a coffee. i usually use moka at home, and drink espresso at the café. i was not familiar with other brewing methods {except Bosnian coffee, mentioned here}, so i was glad to spend some hours at Goppion, a local coffee maker, to learn something new. 

drip coffee pot
whenever i see a big coffee pot I think “american movie”, or “Gilmore girls”, and in my mind i called it “american coffee”. i obviously was wrong, as caffè americano does exist, but is made of espresso and hot water. apparently, when American soldiers were in Italy during WW2, they liked espresso but always added some water to dilute it. i don’t know if the aim was to soften espresso or to have a larger quantity, like they were used to.

there are many ways to brew coffee. here you can see the V60 and the french press

i finally tried the pour-over method, i had only see in hipster magazines like Kinfolk before. i really like it, and i think the whole setting must be very relaxing, like a ritual {to better understand what i mean, look at this video}.

moka poetry

speaking about rituals, i have to confess that, despite the different coffee tasting, in the end i stick with my all-time favorite. rising early, setting up the moka, waiting for that warm sound, smelling  the aroma, choosing the mug… those five minutes are a morning poetry, the perfect way to start a day.

now i’d love to know how all of you like to take your coffee! have a nice week 
making coffee with moka

{thanks Goppion caffè for the wonderful day}


  1. This is a wonderfully interesting post, Silvia and, as usual, I really love your illustrations!
    Though, I'm sure you'll stop being my friend now... I don't drink coffee. I know it's a shame - an Italian that does not drink wine, nor coffee. What's wrong with me? :-D

    1. ahahah :D don't know why, but i knew it already. maybe becayse i see you more as a tea person!
      have a lovely day dear polly

    2. anyway, in Helskinki i tasted some really good coffee!

  2. Anch'io adoro il caffè della moka: il profumo del caffè è il profumo del mattino, il suo gorgoglio e il suo sapore mi danno il buongiorno ogni mattina!!!
    Interessante il video! non avevo mai visto il caffè lasciato in infusione!
    Ciao!!! e buona settimana!

    1. buongiorno bea! il caffè filtrato è molto diverso rispetto a quello a cui siamo abituati qui, ma tutto da scoprire. buona giornata :)

  3. You’re illustrations are sooo good. I wish I could draw like you. :)
    I lo-o-ove coffee. I have a little moka here too, just enough coffee to me, but I’m dying to get a Chemex too. And I also love the French Press coffee too. Just different choices, for different moods. :)

    1. i am not satisfied with the illustrations yet, but thanks for encouragement ♥
      finally, a real coffee lover here! love the a-coffee-for-every-moods thing.
      when i visited Brazil they only had instant coffee in my host family but i don't think is the standard, isn't it? or maybe there is no standards in such a big country :)

    2. I think we’re never truly satisfied, but that’s the engine that keeps us improving. :)
      About the coffee, probably the second: no standards, haha, but for experience, I noticed some regions are more “coffee lovers” than others. I know Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais have much more of the coffee culture than Rio, for example. Where did you stay here?

    3. in Florianopolis and Criciuma, Santa Catarina state

    4. Well, I don’t know that many people in there to make a statement, haha. My really good friend from Florianópolis who doesn’t like coffee, so maybe it is a cultural thing from there. :)

  4. Always with milk :)

    Love the dabs of watercolor in your illustrations! ♥

    1. thank you :)
      moka coffee + hot milk is my morning treat!

  5. I will drink any coffee any time of the day Just hand me a cup:)

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