Tuesday, 14 July 2015

June, Sunday 7th. brent de l'art, multi coloured wild canyon

when the heat is unbearable, we are grateful to live so close to the mountains, so we can jump on the lambretta and ride to a cooler place, like brent de l'art in Trichiana.

brent de l'art are rock formations carved by a small creek call Art, hidden in Valbelluna, about 20 km from our home in Vittorio Veneto.

the creek has carved his way into the rocks, shaping a multi colored canyon with grey and reddish layers.
the reddish ones, called "scaglia rossa" are actually the oldest {100-60 million years ago} and the color is given by a small quantity of iron oxide.

an information board explained the different kind of rocks and the valley origins, also giving some ideas about the animals you may see. i took notes and try to draw some of the informations here, but unfortunately we did not see a yellow bellied toad nor a white throated dipper. 
i suppose we have to take a second field trip! 


  1. What a wonderful place! Is it possible to swim there?

    1. i wouldn't recommend it. where the waters are deep enough to swim, the current is strong. i think it's a good place for canyoning though, with a guide.

  2. oh you are so lucky! what a fascinating place!

  3. What a cool place to escape to!
    And, as usual, I really love your sketches, dear Silvia! ♥

    1. thank you and welcome back Polly! i hope your trip to Iceland was as wonderful as it looks through the pictures you've shared :)


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