Thursday, 9 July 2015

Flanders on the road | analogue walk in Brugge

Flanders on the road - watercolor map 
at the beginning of May, Marco and i took a few days off to visit the Flanders.
we visited Brugge, Gent and Oudenaarde, moving around mostly by train. we ate too much potato fries and were absolutely delighted by the beautiful flemish light.

here, you can find our first impressions of Brugge {Bruges in french}, the first stage of our little tour, all analogue, exept one.

pretty houses facing the Markt, the market square 

on the left >> the Belfort, an impressive 83 metres high bell tower, dominates the Markt since the XIII century. it takes 366 steep steps to lead you to the top. it's one of the 56 belfries of Belgium and France designated as world heritage site by UNESCO.

on the right >> a bright red door in Burg square

among the (many!) tourists in Brugge is quite popular to take a horse carriage tour. i

 noticed that most of the coachmen are ladies. 
text sculpture by Nathan Coley, currently exposed just outside the Burg. it originally referred to 9/11, but as it travels the world it's acquiring new layers of meaning. it's part of the Brugge Triennale 2015. find our more about this work of art here.
unable to take a picture for every single chocolaterie in Brugge, i choose this one. 
we arrived in Brugge on May 1st. there was a demonstration going on outside the Burg. while some politicians were speaking to the people, the members of the band were taking a break.
in love with Brugge rooftops. we spend hours looking at the architecture details on the river's banks. Brugge has never been affected by war directly, so most of its medieval features are intact. and it's wonderful. 
bears have their needs, too ♥ despite being quite touristy, along with all the -overcrowded- gift shops, you can also find some quirky and quality shops and workshops
colorful details

all posts about our trip to the Flanders here 


  1. lovely photos! I went to Belgium years and years ago but I'd love to go back.

    1. thank you Rhianne! where have you been?
      i visited Bruxelles and Antwerp a few years ago. i'm not a bug fan of the capital city but the Flanders are lovely!
      more posts about Brugge & Gent are coming soon ;)


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