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Flanders on the road | Gent & Oudenaarde

maybe the lovelies view on the river, taken from Grasburg
do not be fooled by similar geometry and architecture, Brugge and Gent have different souls. 
the first is a medieval gem, romantic and cozy, Gent is definitely more lively, fresher and vibrant. 

a couple of days is not enough for carving opinions on granite, but my first impression of Gent has been of a nice city to live in. nor too small or too big, worth visiting but not overcrowded with tourists, culturally rich, easy to move around walking or by bicycle. 

we travelled from Brugge to Gent and from Gent to Oudenaarde (and back) by train. the nice weather has not always followed us, but we were not afraid. 

Gent has big and bright squares 


boys scouts resting under the statue of Jacob van Artevelde in Vrijdagmarkt
Oude Begijnhof, one of the three beginhoven of Gent. not as lovely as the one we visited in Brugge, but quite charming indeed 
werregarensteeg - graffiti alley, pictoresque enough to take a picture, but not so special [and quite stinky]

pretty doors 

wall decoration of our rented home in Gent
our apartment in Gent [i love love love airbnb ] | vsco cam

mention of honor to the room we rented on airbnb!
the house was pure charme. it was old and creaky, stylish and clean. a cozy place to escape from the rain.
our apartment in Gent | vsco cam
our apartment in Gent | vsco cam

even if not as beautiful and famous as Brugge or Gent, we wanted to pay a quick visit to Oudenaarde, too: the town of the Tour of Flanders / Ronde van Vlaanderen's legendary arrival. 

if you're a road cycling enthusiast, make sure you don't miss the Centrum Ronde Van Vlaanderen {website - facebook}, a museum dedicated to the race. also a coffee (or beer) break in the museum cafè {religiously cycling themed} is recommended. 

Oudenaarde pages from my travel journal 

the Centrum organizes every year the Retro Ronde {website - facebook} a vintage themed race on "heroic" old bicycles to celebrate the Tour of Flanders and its heritage: and event which is already in our to-do list! maybe 2016?
Oudenaarde market square

all posts about our trip to the Flanders here
have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh, Gosh! These photos, the boys' scouts on film, and your travel journal -they are priceless! Your storytelling is truley lovely.

    (And I really have to give it up to some of the folks of AirBnb - I've had so many good experiences myself.)

  2. Beautiful pictures (and I love how your travel journal looks!)! Gent really seems to be a wonderful and interesting place! I'll definitely put it on my bucket list now!

    1. ♥ endless bucket list!
      thank you Nancy :)

  3. I didn't have the chance to visit Gent when I went to brussels a few years ago. I loved Brugge and I think I would love Gent too, it looks pretty nice from your pictures.

    1. they are both very nice in different ways! thanks Barbara

  4. Lovely! I always wanted to visit Gent!

    1. i wish you to visit the Flanders soon dear Polly! :)

  5. i want to go there :)

    your travel journal is <3


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