Wednesday, 12 August 2015

alpine botanical garden in Cansiglio. July, Sunday 12th

donkeys on our way back from the Cansiglio alpine botanical garden
how many amazing things we did in July! it confirms itself as my favorite month. i cannot wait to tell you everything about our Sicilia road trip, but we're not quite there yet. {i shared a little preview on Steller yesterday though}

during hot summer days i amore even more grateful than usual that we live so close to the mountains. just a quick lambretta ride and we can step into the enchanting Cansiglio forest, the closest green getaway. 
in the plateau lies a 3 hectares wide quiet botanical garden. the altitude is around 1000 meters, and the garden reproduces a few natural environments typical of the upland and the alpine region. 

the view of the garden
the garden is home to 800 species of plants, more than a half of the approximately 1500 living in the Cansiglio area. 

compositae | Senècio gaudìnii [1000 - 2300 m]
compositae | Càrdus personàta [500-1700 m]
panoramic view 

geraniaceae | Gerànium argentèum [1700 - 2200 m]

some other guests are visiting the flowers

some wilderness is still preserved inside the garden, too


  1. That looks and sounds like a truly magical place! I would love to see it!
    The light in these photos of yours and the atmosphere... Fantastic!
    Looking forward to read about your Sicily trip too!


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