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7 reasons we will visit Sicilia again {plus: a BIG news!}

why everyone should visit Sicily it's quite obvious. if you can't figure it out yet you either a) don't have enough informations b) are insensitive to beauty.

anyway, i feel that one time is not enough either. Sicily is a region you should visit over and over again. here, i tell you why we will.
charming Marzamemi

7 reasons we will visit Sicilia again

1. breakfast with granita and brioche
it's a ritual. a round and chubby pastry, a thick layer of fresh cream, coffee {or almond, strawberry, mulberry, and more} flavoured water ice. the best way to start the day, the best breakfast habit i've ever met while travelling. i can't understand why we are not adopting this amazing tradition here in Veneto, too. shall we sign a petition?
2. there is everything a traveller dreams
natural reserves, UNESCO world heritage sites, amazing seaside and crystal clear, blue sea. mountains. museums, great theatre tradition, dramatic landscapes that look (and sometimes are) a movie setting.  and island that has it all.

scala dei Turchi

3. food and wine
we filled ourselves ou with cassatelle, cannoli, fish, fried anything, gelato, the tastiest vegetables.. so we'll soon suffer of withdrawal symptom. on the other hand, there is so much more to try and taste, as local delicacies and WINE. we haven't had any proper wine tasting as the region deserves, except for the few aperitivi, so we need to arrange another field trip to make up for it.
pistachio gelato and cake | bread and tomatoes | cannolo | panelle and caponata | cannolo and orange juice

4. it feels good
we do love travelling, discovering new places. sometimes it feels good to take off already knowing what you're expecting, though. knowing that you're going to a wonderful place, where you feel comfortable. seeing it again with new eyes. noticing all the minor changes.

Palermo cathedral


5. there is so much we haven't seen yet.
we arrived to Catania on saturday at lunchtime, and didn't make it to see the famous and picturesque fish market, which is closed on sunday. that's on the top of our to-see list now, together with the western part of the island, that wasn't included in our itinerary, with cities like Trapani, San Vito Lo Capo, Erice, etc.

6. friends
old and new ♥ 
{aren't friends the best local guides? don't you love when a friend come visit your home and you can show it to him/her?}

the cottage, Pachino

7. a special place
there is a place where i left a small piece of my heart. a place where i was happy of that happiness that make your face tender because your're smiling too hard and can't stop. and i want to visit this place again and again to celebrate.
we're proud and so happy to announce that, on a southern and sandy beach in front of Isola delle Correnti,
we got engaged!

this last one reason alone would be enough to another visit, don't you think?
isola delle Correnti

to read more about our road trip across Sicilia:
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what makes the difference is people
analogue walk in Palermo
Sicilian color palette
* from Sicilia with love: travel souvenirs


  1. I've never been to Sicily... and I know that's a HUGE mistake! Your posts are making me wanna leave right now for that incredible island... and most of all, when a place leaves you such sweet memories, that should be a special one!
    Congratulations for your engagement....and "Buona vita!"

    1. my advice on Sicily is: book a ticket and go! :)
      grazie Mery

  2. Oh congratulations my dear silvia! Best reason to go back again and again ❤

  3. BIG congratulations to you. lots of hugs and kisses <3 <3 <3
    and how romantic to get engaged in Sicily.
    i loved those white mountains so much. hopefully one day i will be able to see them.

    1. thank you ❤❤❤ i'm in the mood for lots of hugs :)

      they are more cliffs than mountains, and really stunning to see. so smooth, and warmed up by the sun. it's a pleasure to walk on that white surface!

  4. Congratulazioni!! Immagino che la Lambretta vi tornerà utile anche per questa vostra nuova avventura <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. grazieeeeee ♥ l'avventura più bella senza dubbio.

  5. Congratulazioni!!!!
    ma che meravigliaaaaa!!!!
    A settembre ci siamo fidanzati anche noi!!!!
    Buoni preparativi!!!

    1. aaaah! veramente?? che bello!! dove è avvenuta la proposta?? quando la data??
      sarai sicuramente stata catturata anche tu da questo turbinio ultimamente :) io me lo sto godendo tantissimo! congratulazioni e buoni preparativi anche a voi. sarà un anno fantastico.

    2. Siiiii!!!! A casa nostra, me l'ha chiesto facendomi trovare dei fiori per la casa...che meraviglia!!!noi ci sposiamo il 25 giugno, a Camposampiero (PD),voi quando?
      Oggi abbiamo un incontro con un catering e se sistemiamo questo, il più è fatto (ho già trovato il vestito)!!!
      Sai cos'ho notato? chi ci è già passato, mi mette un'ansia....siamo sempre in ritardo su qualcosa, non avete ANCORA trovato il catering?ma cosa aspettate, ve li rubano! Non hai MAI fatto le prove per il vestito? pazza!
      e invece alla fine si risolve tutto!!
      Comunque, volevo ringraziarti anche per le magliette e la tazza che ho comperato su Ink your travel....FANTASTICHE!!!!
      Ciao cara e buona giornata!!
      (scusa se mi sono dilungata!)

    3. noi un mese dopo :) e tranquilla, siamo ancora in alto mare quasi con tutto ahaha
      ero super felice quando ho spedito il tuo pacchetto, sono contenta che le nostre cosine ti siano piaciute! a presto per aggiornamenti sui matrimoni ;)


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