Friday, 4 September 2015

on the road in August

Ponte nelle Alpi 9.08.2015

lambretta field trips 2
km 140
somewhere beautiful  Rifugio Dolada, Pieve d'Alpago 
somewhere fun to Marco and me, August's most awaited moment is the 21st, when Santa Augusta, the patron saint's festival, is celebrated in Serravalle of Vittorio Veneto {more about Vittorio Veneto and Serravalle here}, neighborhood where we live in. we have been celebrating Santa Augusta together since 2003, often throwing a big garden party, and the weeks before are filled with thrilling and expectations, as we were childen waiting for Christmas.
temperature better and better as you get close to the mountains. otherwise quite hot and wet

near Rifugio Dolada in Pieve d'Alpago 23.08.2015 | Serravalle flag in Vittorio Veneto 14.08.2015


  1. Lovely! Every time I read your posts, I get homesick a little bit!

    1. thank you! but i feel a little bit guilty now!

  2. your life sounds so exciting! and how lovely that house is.

    1. maybe it's because i share only the good side of our everyday life, keeping the boring stuff aside ;)


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