Saturday, 19 September 2015

from Sicilia with love: travel souvenirs

choosing, collecting, arranging travel souvenirs is a form of art. 
in my everyday life i do love to be surrounded by things that remind me of the time away from home. little pieces from other realities, far and different, that from a certain point had become part of mine. i dedicated an entire post to the most loved of my souvenirs de voyage.  

our road trip in Sicily as well, brought back home some precious mementos. let me show them to you. 

1. photographs: the most obvious of them all. getting your films back from the lab is a sparkling moment that brighten the inevidable saudade feeling that overwhelms you the days after the end of an holiday. and one of the best thing about film photography is that you have all your shots right there, printed. you look at them over and over. it doesn't happen to me with digital photography.

2. illustrated travel journal: i'm so happy i managed to keep a diary during this trip. this is going to be the most treasured reminder i have from those days! 

3. ornamental playing card: a little shop in Marzamemi was displaying a deck of handcrafted playing cards {spanish suited}. i liked them right away and even more after the sales girl told me that every one has its own meaning. we eventually picked the two of cups, which symbolizes the union of two families. 

the two of cups is now hanging just beside the entrance door, next to a present from Istanbul, a tin donkey we bought in Lisbon and Marco's family crest.
4. food! the most part of our souvenirs & gift budget has been spent at Campisi store. they have a mouthwatering looking selection of local delicacies, and they can ship your shopping at your house {Italy and Europe. it costs 10 euros for Italy}. they also have an online shop, check it out here {italian and english}.

5. we collected pretty pebbles on the seaside in Milazzo, on sunset. now they are a very romantic memory in a small jar. 

6. a postcard from a workshop in Palermo called Zonzo {facebook page here} where we bought a lovely handmade purse for my sister. it features the image of Saint Rosalia and a sentence written in the local dialect. now it is displayed on the wall of our living room.

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  1. Souvenirs are such an important part of every journey, I believe. I love the way you've chosen and arranged yours!

  2. i like postcards and and idea of illustrated book. <3

    1. do you buy postcards from your travel in order to send or to keep them?

  3. A diary during this trip. this is going to be the most treasured reminder i have from those days!

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  6. I love this post. These souvenirs are so beautiful and inspiring and make me want to visit Italy now. Reading travel blogs is a great way to learn about the place and know what you ought to be seeing and places that you should be visiting when you are there.


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