Friday, 25 September 2015

July, Saturday 18th. Venice seen from a sail boat

it was going to be just a regular weekend for us. but then the phone rang, and i was asked if Marco and i were up to a field trip to Venice. why not?
Venezia seen from the water | Punta della Dogana | kodak ektar 100

it wasn't a regular weekend for Venice people. it was Redentore time, one of the most important feast day of the city, held on the third sunday of July. on the eve of the day, fireworks play a major role. they are let off in front of St. Mark square, and the basin is fill up with great and small boats, come to enjoy one of the best fireworks stages in the world.

this special occasion had been chosen by Antlos, a brand new, recently launched startup, to film the first video for their campaign.

Venezia seen from the water | on the boat | kodak ektar 100

Antlos is aimed to be the Airbnb of boat holidays, making them accessible to everyone, connecting skippers to travellers eager to change their point of view and enjoy the sea experience. 

Venezia seen by the water | boat life | kodak ektar 100

Marco and i, like the many travellers to whom Antlos is targeted, had never sailed before. plus, we had celebrated Redentore in Venice, but never on a boat. actually, we had never visited the city by boat.

that's why this weekend has been gold for us. we love Venice, i consider her the most beautiful city in the world, and visiting the lagoon like that was magic.

the Antlos guys wanted the travellers featured on their launching campaign videos to be real, nor models or actors. regular people who are authentically enjoying their experience.
so, we played the part of ourselves, as tourists on a sail boat visiting Venice and the lagoon, spending the weekend with two very professional skippers and a couple of amazing videomakers.

Venezia seen from the water | some of the crew | kodak ektar 100

we haven't seen the video, yet. i'm going to share it as soon as is out!

in the meantime, here i show you some analogue shots i took, looking at Venice from the water, which may be the best way to look at her.

Venezia seen from the water | Massimiliano, the skipper, at work | kodak ektar 100

Venezia seen from the water | Palazzo Ducale | kodak ektar 100

Venezia seen from the water | Ponte dei Sospiri | kodak ektar 100

Venezia seen from the water | Marco | kodak ektar 100

Venezia seen from the water | kodak ektar 100

Venezia seen from the water | kodak ektar 100

Venezia seen from the water | Madonna della Salute | kodak ektar 100


  1. I really agree with you, Silvia: Venice is one of the most beautiful city in the world and admiring her from the water should be the only way possible! Your pics are amazing, now I can't wait for the video, too!!

    1. grazie Mery! i'm looking forward to see the video! from what i can immagine, it will also feature Venice in a great way.

  2. So magical! I really have to go back to Venice and enjoy it properly. I've been there once for only 6 hours and felt so overwhelmed by all the tourists that I didn't pay enough attention to it as I should have.

    1. i feel you, mass tourism in Venice can be unbearable, even more than in other places, cause the city si so tiny. the good thing is they are all concentrated around a few landmarks, letting the rest of the town free to be enjoyed. give it another shot! :)

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