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Belluno | a little guide

i felt it was about time to write some more practical posts about this little corner of Italy where we live in. i didn't want them to be too dry and schematic, i want them to have the same amount of inspirational stuff and charm that a regular post of this blog has. we asked a friend to be our local guide for one day and we had fun playing the tourists, listening, taking pictures and sketching.

the result is this little guide to Belluno, completely i diari della lambretta style: there are insiders tips, illustrations, film photos and some reasons to fall in love with the town. enjoy!

ponte della vittoria {victory bridge} and a look to the city centre | fujicolor 200

where are we
Belluno is a small city and one of the province capital of Veneto. slightly northern than where we live, it's a alpine town, surrounded by the stunning Dolomites. located about 100 km from Venice, it's easily reachable by train.

it's a perfect getaway for mountain, outdoors and trekking lovers, with a quiet and charming city centre.

the southern part of the city centre faces the river Piave. too bad that the mountains were hidden by the clouds!| | fujicolor 200

Belluno essentials map
Belluno illustrated map. the numbers refer to the illustration below

our guide

we asked our friend Valentina to be our local expert for this little guide. she works in the digital communication field, a beauty seeker who loves both the great outdoors and interior design. 

from the left: Belluno landscape {see on instagram} | sunset in Nevegal {see on instagram} | Belluno people oasis: the Piave river {see on instagram}
take a look at Valentina's world through her blog or stunning instagram feed, where she constantly proves the love for her town and the surroundings by posting lovely pictures of beautiful landscapes or cozy details.
here's a selection of her Belluno shots.

from the left: piazza Duomo {see on instagram} | like any respectable italian's old town centre: arcades and gelato {see on instagram} | winter in Belluno {see on instagram}

Valentina's 3 reasons to love Belluno

1. living here is good
Belluno is definitely a people oriented city: it's small like a town but anything you need is right there at your fingertips. 

strolling in Belluno. again, the mountains are right there, behind the clouds | fujicolor 200

2. it's close to the nature
embraced by the Alps and the Dolomites, kissed by the Piave river and the Ardo creek, Belluno let us meet the wilderness just around the corner.. i couldn't live without that.

Ponte Vecchio, old broken bridge 
3. not just the old town
all Belluno is beautiful: just outside the town centre, a lovely mosaic of charming hamlets can be explored. life there is simple and quiet. and the view on the mountains! have i mentioned the mountains yet? well, when i see the mountains, i feel at home. 

looking at the mountains, feeling at home | fujicolor 200

insiders tips

Belluno pretty shops  | watercolors 
where to eat & drink

pizza at Officine Dal Cor, in Castion. meet Enrico and Louis, tell them Valentina sends you :)
aperitivo at Osteria al Ponte in Borgo Pra, or Bistro Bembo, between the train station and piazza Martiri.

for coffee, there is a shop in via Psaro, owned by Bristot roasting, which had opened its doors there in 1919. you can choose between having your espresso at the counter or buying grain mixtures or coffee powder to take home.

Osteria al Ponte, borgo Pra | fujicolor 200
where to shop

Valentina has a thing for stationery. a place stuffed with pretty paper, cards, pens, pencils, rubber stamps and globes is like wonderland to her. so, she can't fail to mention cartoleria Capraro, in piazza delle Erbe: a small shop with a long story. let's stay in piazza delle Erbe a little longer to look for an old sign saying "Menazza": it's a traditional pastificio {pasta factory} that from '64 makes daily fresh pasta and stuffed delicious pasta.
nearby, in via Ripa, Antico Forno is a backery that Valentina reccomends for its walnuts buns and apple sweet bread... yumm!

another backery where Valentina has been going since she was a child is Bernardi, in via Tasso: it seems that their sweet focaccine are great.
Capraro stationery shops, and piazza delle Erbe arcades | fujicolor 200

what to do

indoor: seeing a movie at Cinema Italia: historical presence of the town center, has always been managed by the Sangalli family. the building itself is worth a visit. it has been designed in 1926 by the local architect Riccardo Alfarè, whose liberty taste now characterizes many buildings of Belluno. at Cinema Italia foreign movies can been seen in their original language {not so common in Italy}.

outoor: we cannot make a list, it would be too long! besides the many trekking and hiking opportunities, the area of river banks in Lambioi is particularly enjoyable, an oasis close to the city centre, with a gorgeous view!

the entrance of Cinema Italia | fujicolor 200

for any further informations about Belluno, take a look at the tourism websites Adorable Belluno or Info Dolomiti.
to download a more detailed city map than mine, click here

Belluno | fujicolor 200


  1. Looks like a wonderful place! Thank you for this post!

  2. I love love love it! Totally I diari della lambretta style! ♥

  3. Extremely nice and lovely as always, Silvia!
    We drove across Belluno on our way to Longarone, but we couldn't stop that time...
    I'm writing this place in my travel bucket list right now! ;)

    1. grazie Mery :)
      if you will stop someday, let me know what you think!

  4. Very beautiful. I am glad to visit this place through these pictures.

  5. wow! what a wonderful post. i felt as if i had mini tour of town by myself<3
    and you live in such a charming little town.... i am so jealous. <3<3<3

    1. thanks dear Pratiksha, that was the idea ;)
      actually i do not live in Belluno, it's 30-35 km north from Vittorio Veneto, my town (which is charming as well!)

  6. What a beautiful town! Such pretty colours....And you had me at mountains.

  7. Meravigliosa!!!
    Davvero complimenti!

    1. grazie di cuore ♥ ci siamo molto divertiti a compilare questa piccola guida ;)


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