Monday, 2 November 2015

on the road in October

17.10.2015 Santa Croce lake

lambretta field trips 3
km 283
somewhere beautiful the crazy (good crazy) ENI village in Borca di Cadore
somewhere fun visiting Belluno,a town we already knew, with tourists' eyes with a couple of friends
temperature the cold air is still tolerable when wearing a parka. now that we've changed into winter time, the rides are going to be shorter and fewer though (sigh!).

i wish you a sweet november, full of falling leaves, hot beverages and dinner parties!

9.10.2015 Valdobbiadene 

on the road is a monthly series about how we enjoy our lambretta time, through field trips and quick rides. 
here you can read the first post. click here to see all on the road posts. 


  1. Happy November! I absolutely love these photos! Looking forward to following along on your adventures. :)


  2. hope you will be able to enjoy more lambretta trips even in winter <3

  3. Lovely photos of you riding your Lambretta! Hope November will give you more fun riding days!

    1. thank you dear Polly! the weather is still a dream! i wonder how long it will last


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