Friday, 13 November 2015

how we celebrated the Redentore in Venice on a sail boat: the video!

do you remeber when i told you about the weekend we spent sailing in Venice?
it has been an amazing experience we had the chance to to thanks to Antlos, a brand new start up that was filming a web series in the Mediterranean sea and asked us to play a little part in it.

their website basically connects professional skippers with travellers eager to experience the open sea, but due to lack of experience and high costs, have never managed to set the sails yet.
just like the Airbnb platform, Antlos provides a direct contact between hosts and users, offering the opportunity to purchase a vacation and turn it into a real experience.

the result of that amazing weekend is finally online! the video featuring Marco and me is called love is better on board, and it's the story of a couple spending a romantic weekend in the Venice lagoon.

watching us is hilarious, exciting and embarassing at the same time. i think Marco is a natural, and if i could go back in time, i'd bring an hair stylist on the boat with me, cause my hair is a mess!

courtesy of Antlos

the #BetterOnBoard web series is realized by the talended videomakers of APZ media. check out all the videos of the series here {besides ours, celebrations is my favourite!}.


  1. Such an interesting platform! by the way, you are both too cute :)

  2. That is such an interesting concept! I love the video and I think you look lovely in it, no messy hair at all!

    1. not true ;) but thank you anyway for saying that ♥♥

  3. Beautiful...and yes there was no messy hair:)

  4. oh my this is so romantic <3 <3 <3
    you two were so perfect

  5. Che bello questo video!!! e nn hai per niente icapelli messi male!!
    Non ho mai festeggiato il redentore a Venezia, ma credo che esser in barca sia una bellezza unica!!!

    1. barca o non barca il Redentore merita! atmosfera magica :)
      ciao Bea, buon anno!

  6. Anna Battistella20 April 2020 at 14:27

    E' un video meraviglioso! Curioso rivederlo adesso, perchè ricorda tantissimo (per la scelte stilistiche, la musica, e alcuni vostri movimenti con il corpo) il film "Chiamami con il tuo nome" di Luca Guadagnino, uscito tre anni dopo!


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