Tuesday, 1 December 2015

on the road in November

lambretta field trips 2
km 81
somewhere beautiful the foliage ride in the Cansiglio forest, loveliest spot for momijigari and a little picnic {read the post}
somewhere fun a local vinyl fair, where we filled our lambretta basket with old/new records
temperature sweatshirt, parka, gloves, scarf and a beanie under the helmet are needed

only two field trips by lanbretta on the last month! it wasn't because of the weather, so far it has been a wonderful autumn, like the ideal we all dream about on Pinterest: warm temperature, sun, stunning colours, cool enough to wear pretty hats and scarves, to drink hot cocoa and tea.

the reason is that we had been busy. Marco has been abroad for a few business trips, i had a lot of work to do (and still have, actually), like launching some new ink your travel goods. {have you seen them yet?}. now the lambretta is sleeping quietly in the garage, hope we can take her out again in Decembrrrr.

how was your month? have you been too busy to enjoy this wonderful season properly?

on the road is a monthly series about how we enjoy our lambretta time, through field trips and quick rides. 
here you can read the first post. click here to see all on the road posts. 


  1. Replies
    1. dopo più di un mese ancora è forte il ricordo di quelle rossissime foglie fruscianti :) una giornata splendida.

  2. Glad to hear you were still able to take our, despite the busy times! Looking good!

    1. busier and busier! can't wait for some Christmas free time ;)

  3. I've been busy as well but had the time for some road trips :)



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