Monday, 4 January 2016

my 2016 travel dreams in watercolors

happy, happy new year! 
i hope 2016 found you well, healthy, in good company and with a brand new list of resolutions in your pocket.

of course i've done mine. it's thinner than usual, as i'm gonna spend most part of my free time and energy {not to mention savings} organizing the wedding {missed something? check this post}, at least for the first time of the year.

anyway, it doesn't mean that this narrow version of the new year's to do-list is lacking a chapter entirely dedicated to travels.
i tried to keep it real, and still don't know if they are achievable or not, but these are currently my travel dreams for 2016: 

before choosing Sicily as the destination for our lambretta road trip last summer, Marco and i briefly considered going to southern France. since then, i've been daydreaming about lavender fields, blue shutters and charming countryside. i bet Provence landscape and our lambretta would get along just fine. 

when Marco and i moved in, one of the first thing in our shelves was an empty jar with a label saying "Vietnam and Laos". maybe the time to use all those spare coins has come?
the truth is, i miss Asia, i can't wait to visit again. during the latest christmas holiday my instagram feed was on fire with cool asian snaps {for ex. here, here, here} making me utterly envious! 

toscana & puglia 
exploring our own country by lambretta is still amongst the first items on the agenda. we had the best time last summer in Sicily and definitely want more. lately, i've been inspired the most by the gentle hills of Tuscany and the super bright white towns in Apulia. can't wait to make these dreams come true 

where are you planning to go this year? what are your travel dreams?


  1. Appena ho letto "wedding" sono letteralmente impazzita! AAAAA :D Bellissimo, sono felice!
    E sono splendidi i tuoi TravelDreams, come sempre conditi dalla tua unica creatività!

    1. grazie Manu, sono super felice anche io. ormai era solo una questione di "quando" e, nella quotidianità, non cambierà poi molto, ma è comunque tutto molto emozionante! non dico "non vedo l'ora" perché anche i preparativi hanno un loro fascino ;)

  2. Happy new year, dear Silvia!
    You're getting married, how lovely!
    I love the look and feel of this post and I hope you'll be able to visit all those places!

  3. Vi seguo da poco ma vi ammiro molto, un ispirazione ! Congratulazioni... credo si dica così, posso solo dirti che anche io ho deciso di sposarmi dopo un periodo di convivenza di 5 anni e magari non è nel contenuto che cambiano le questioni quotidiane ma vuoi mettere "la mia compagna mi ruba sempre la lambretta " con "mia moglie mi ruba sempre la lambretta !" . Io lo sento diverso , Congratulazioni ancora per l articolo 10+++++ ciao da Marco

  4. Happy New Year Silvia!
    what a lovely post! Oh if you are going to vietnam and laos then please stopover in singapore. <3

    1. thank you Pratiksha! oh, i'd love to! wouldn't it be lovely to finally meet?? would you show me around? ;)

  5. Mi piace molto il tuo stile e ho adorato come hai rappresentato i tuoi TravelDreams. Tanti auguri per tutto :D

  6. il vietnam è un posto incredibile!

  7. I can't recommend Provence enough. I went last year and totally loved it. Doing Tuscany next!

    1. I've been in Tuscany several times and never disappoints the expectations!
      can't wait for Provence ♥

  8. Thats right everyone must follow their dreams to figure What are dreams really made of.

  9. This is the place for a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was held in the dining hall, which commands a breath-taking view of the city. I only wish I appreciated wedding venues chicago more when I was there. Oh well. You live and learn.


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