Thursday, 9 March 2017

Reaching Out teahouse in Hoi An | places to ♥  #1

Hoi An can hardly be considered a noisy town, if compared to the busiest Hanoi or Saigon, but, packed with tourists as it is, it's not an oasis of peace and quiet neither. 
so, entering to Reaching Out teahouse had been like walking into another dimension. the sign "enjoy the silence" echoed my mind. yes, I'm enjoying it already. 

actually, it was the nice pale blue of the walls (the colours, always the colours ♥) that attracted me in the first place. nor Marco or me were aware of the real peculiarity of the place, until we sat down to take a look at the menu.

on the table, there were small wooden blocks with english words written on them. basics waiter/customer communication's words. also there was a form to fill in for orders, with multiple choices for different kinds of coffee, tea, biscuit samplers, and a small notepad for writing down questions for the staff.

the Reaching Out teahouse is managed by a group of women with hearing and speech impairment. it is charmingly decorated and offers a great selection of locally grown, traditional products (they sell their own coffee blend, too).

we loved the atmosphere, enjoyed our hot beverages, and of course silence was a blessing. one of the best places we have been to, while in Vietnam.

Reaching Out website, facebook, instagram.
address 131 Tran Phu Street Hoi An 84510, Vietnam

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