Tuesday, 18 April 2017

spring weekend in Veneto: welcome to La Scuola b&b, a charming school - themed guesthouse

cherry blossoms, lambretta, some time just for us, and a charming, romantic retreat on the hills of our beloved region: these were the ingredients of our last weekend on the road. how could I ask for more? 

the road to Lusiana, passing through Bassano del Grappa, Marostica and the cherry tree road | watercolor map

we didn't go far. Lusiana is a village just below the Asiago plateau, very close to the charming towns of Marostica and Bassano del Grappa, less than 90 km from our home in Vittorio Veneto. 

we chose it as a romantic getaway in order to enjoy spring, and blooming cherry trees, in those beautiful hills, but especially because of a very peculiar b&b we have heard about: La Scuola guesthouse

in 1964, the last class of the Lusiana elementary school graduated. five years ago, Valeria and Marco decided to reopen the classrooms, and make a b&b out of it. they kept the vintage and playful atmosphere, which now gives to the guest a sense of intimacy and a "warm" nostalgia, the one you feel about good old things. 
the black and white photo of the class of 1964 is hanging on the entrance hall. 

the guest rooms have classic school related themes. arithmetic, geography, science, history and literature, and the coziest of all, the teacher's room, the one I chose for the dreamy bathtub.
all the details inside and out of the rooms are charming and well finished, from the decor to the tips for the guests, like a little guide to the restaurants in the surroundings, with reviews and maps.

we also asked for Valeria's help finding the most scenic route for the following day's ride. Marostica's area is well-known in Veneto for cherries, and we wanted to enjoy the blooming beauty at its best, as you can see from the pictures we took on the road. 

unfortunately we just spent one night at La Scuola guesthouse, but there are plenty of interesting stuff to do just around the corner, so I wouldn't have minded a little bit longer vacation. 
after our ride among the cherry trees, we went for a walk to Marostica and then to Bassano del Grappa, on our way home. there was an antiques market in Marostica chess square {first sunday of every month}, and Bassano's town center is so charming you can't go wrong. 

anyway, next time we'd love to go for a hike in the near Asiago plateau. 

you can find out more about La Scuola guesthouse on their website - facebook page - instagram profile. if you have any questions, I'm here ♥

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